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Updated: 3 May 2022

Best Shark vacuum deals in the sales

Shark vacuums are often on sale, but are you actually saving money? Our experts are on hand to separate this month's Shark deals from the duds.
Joseph Perry
Best Shark vacuum deals

We're all drawn to a deal, but with some Shark vacuums appearing to be on sale more often than not, it can be hard to know whether you're getting value for money.

Whether you're after a trusty corded vacuum, a flashy cordless model or a handheld helper, our experts can help you find genuine savings.

We've scoured the market for the latest Shark savings. Read on to discover the best deals this month and to find out how to snag a bargain.

Best Shark vacuum deals for May 2022

Shark IZ201UK – save £70

  • We like: Easy to use.
  • We don't like: Not great on low power settings.

The IZ201UK is a cordless upright vacuum cleaner with Shark's Anti Hair Wrap floorhead. It can be used both on floors and as a handheld cleaner for smaller jobs. The metal cleaning tube has a hinge made of flexible tubing, which helps it reach under furniture during cleaning. It’s also handy for storage, as you can fold down the stick and squeeze it into a cupboard. It comes with the usual accessories: a dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice nozzle and an anti-allergen dusting brush.

It usually costs £249, but it's currently available from Very for £179.

Read our Shark IZ201UK review to get our full verdict.

Or buy it now for £179 from Very.

Shark NV602UK – save £40

  • We like: Quiet.
  • We don't like: Not the best on laminate floors.

This upright bagless corded vacuum cleaner can also be used in a detachable handheld mode, which is handy for cleaning stairs and tall surfaces. Depending on where you store it, this can also make it easier to put away. Its 5.9kg weight and 2.8-litre capacity are about average for a corded vac, making it a good option for larger households.

At £129 from Shark it's currently at the cheapest price we've seen.

Read our full Shark NV602UK review to see if it's the right model for you.

Or buy it now for £129 from Shark.

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Is the price you've seen actually a good deal?

Whether it's Amazon Prime day, Black Friday or the January sales, here are the prices you should look out for if you're after a bargain.

Based on historical pricing data, we think these prices represent genuinely good savings on some of Shark's most popular models:

  • Shark IZ300UK – anything under £299
  • Shark ICZ160UK – anything under £299
  • Shark IZ201UK – anything under £249
  • Shark NV702UK – anything under £189
  • Shark NV602UK – anything under £169
  • Shark HZ500UK – anything under £179

We've noticed that Shark prices can rise in the weeks leading up to big sales events such as Big Friday, creating the illusion of special offers on the day.

In the table below, you can see how prices fluctuate for different Shark vacuums. Use this table, as well as our top tips below, to sort the deals from the duds.

You can click through to our reviews of each model to find out how they performed in our independent vacuum tests versus rivals from Dyson, Gtech and more.

Shark pricing guide

ModelTypeLowest priceTypical priceHighest price
Shark IZ300UK (single battery)Cordless£219£299£399
Shark IZ320UK (twin battery)Cordless£349£399£499
Shark WandVac WV361UKCordless£159£179£199
Shark IZ201UK (single battery)Cordless£179£249£349
Shark IZ251UK (twin battery)Cordless£229£299£449
Shark ICZ160UKCordless£219£249£399
Shark NV702UKCorded£149£249£299

Table last updated: April 2022. Prices taken from PriceRunner and PriceSpy to give a general market overview – current prices might differ from the above. Table excludes pet variants.

It's not all about Dyson and Shark – check out our expert pick of the best cordless vacuums to see which other brands are worth considering.

Top tips for getting the best Shark deal

With Shark vacuums often on 'special offer', it can be hard to know which deals are genuine money savers.

Stick to these golden rules to get the best value:

1. Don't fall for features

Shark models come with impressive-sounding features, including 'Flexology' (a flexible cleaning tube), 'Lift-Away' (a detachable handheld mode) and 'TruePet' (an extra motorised brush for dealing with pet hair).

However, while useful, most of them aren't unique. You'll find a similar features across most other brands, just with more conventional names.

So don't rush into buying a Shark vacuum because of its features. There could be cheaper options with the same features.

2. Check the prices of similar models

Most Shark models have a basic package and a more expensive pet variant, which comes with a mini-tool for cleaning up after your furry friends.

Sometimes you'll be better off buying the basic model and getting the pet tool separately (it usually costs £20).

However, always check the prices of variants, as you might find the pet version on offer for less than the basic model.

3. Think about how many batteries you need

Cordless Sharks are sold with one, two or sometimes three batteries.

If you opt for a package with extra batteries, you can prolong your vacuum's run-time and don't have to worry about sourcing a new battery if one stops working.

However, as you can buy spare batteries from the Shark website for around £70, the deal only makes sense if the package is a similar price to the single-battery model.

If you live in a smaller home, you probably don't need extra batteries in any case – a single charge will last long enough to vacuum around your home in one go, and battery faults should be covered by the manufacturer's guarantee for the first two years.

4. Check out the latest price data

If a deal seems too good to be true, you can use price comparison sites such as PriceRunner and PriceSpy to see historical price data. It's worth having a quick Google too, as some retailers' price feeds aren't picked up by these sites.

The data should reveal how regularly a vacuum goes on sale (if it's on 'special offer' for most of the year, the offer isn't all that special) and whether the 'before' price is accurate.

5. Shop around

There are some great Shark vacuums, but there are plenty more fish in the sea – including cheaper options from alternative brands.

See our top recommendations of the best cordless vacuums and best corded vacuums for the top bargains.

6. Don't pay to recycle your old vacuum cleaner

Some retailers will offer to recycle your old vacuum cleaner, but they usually charge a fee for doing so. Read our guide on how to recycle electrical items to find out your options. 

How long do Shark vacuums last? Find out in our corded and cordless vacuum brand guides.

Black Friday Shark deals

Woman holding Black Friday shopping bag

Black Friday is usually a good time to get a cheap Shark, but look out for underhand tactics. While you'll see a flurry of special offers and discounts ahead of the big day, not all Black Friday deals are good value.

Some retailers hike their prices up in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, creating the illusion of bigger savings on the day. Make sure you check out our pricing guide in the table above for realistic 'before' prices.