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9 July 2021

Get the best deal on a Dyson vacuum

Genuine savings on Dyson vacuums are rare. We reveal how to ensure you are getting the best price, plus the latest deals spotted by our researchers
Which? Team
Dyson cordless vac in kitchen

You could end up paying hundreds of pounds over the odds for a Dyson vacuum if you buy at the wrong time, or from the wrong place. So if you’ve got your eye on a Dyson, it pays to do your research before you buy. 

We found that prices, particularly for cordless Dyson models, go up as well as down, so an older Dyson could cost you nearly as much as the latest version. 

To help you avoid getting caught out, we reveal how to get the best price for a Dyson below, including making sense of the different models available. 

Plus, we’ve rounded up the best deals in the shops right now. 

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Latest Dyson deals

Dyson V11 models are currently on sale for £100 less than the typical price across a number of retailers. This isn't the first time they've dropped this low, but it is the best price you'll get on these models, so worth snapping up if you've had your eye on them for a while.

It is worth noting that these are no longer the latest Dyson tech - the brand recently launched the Dyson V15 Detect (£600), which has a laser dust detector, and a number of other models (get the full lowdown in the Dyson V15 Detect launch insights and first look). Nevertheless, you'll still get premium features like a 60+-minute battery life and auto-suction adjustment, plus the digital display.

Make sure you check our Dyson V11 AbsoluteDyson V11 Torque Drive and Dyson V11 Animal reviews to get our verdict on the discounted Dysons.

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Is the price you’ve seen actually a good deal? 

Whether it’s Amazon Prime day, Black Friday or a bank holiday sale, here’s a quick guide to prices to look out for on the Dyson cordless range if you’re scouring the sales. 

Based on historical pricing data, we think these represent genuinely good value compared to the usual retail price (for the entry-level Animal or Motorhead model): 

  • Dyson V11 – anything under £499 
  • Dyson V10 – anything under £399 
  • Dyson V8 – £300 or less 
  • Dyson V7  – £200 or less 
  • Dyson V6 – £180 or less 

If you can’t find them for less than this, it’s worth knowing that around these price points you are getting the best typical price. 

Not sure which Dyson vacuum is right for you? Check our Dyson buying guide.

Dyson pricing guide - typical prices for popular models

We’ve noticed Dyson prices can rise in the months before big sales events such as Black Friday, creating the illusion of deals on the day. 

In the table below, you can see how prices can fluctuate for different Dyson vacuums. Use this, along with our pricing advice below the table, to sort the deals from the duds.

You can click through to reviews of each model too to find out how they fared in our independent tests versus rivals from Shark, Gtech and more.

Lowest price
Common price
Highest price
Dyson V10 Total Clean
Dyson V6 Animal*
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2

Table notes: Pricing information correct as of July 2021. Pricing data for available Dyson vacuums taken from Pricerunner and Pricespy to give a general market overview - retailers and prices may differ from the above. *The V6 range has officially been discontinued, but tends to make a comeback as a special deal for big sales events.

As you can see from the differences in price above, it definitely pays to do your research before parting with your money for a Dyson. 

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Top tips for getting the best Dyson deal

Stick to these golden rules to get the best value when you buy:

1. Keep an eye out for trade-in offers

Dyson sometimes offers money off a new vacuum cleaner if you trade in your old one, and often price-matches other retailers, so it's worth checking Dyson.co.uk as well as retailer websites.

2. Decide what accessories and features you need - and what you can live without

Having multiple specialised accessories can be more of a hindrance than a help. Check our Dyson vacuum reviews to see which models get the basics right, and then look out for specific accessories you're keen on. Mini pet tools are handy for fur-covered upholstery, and a removable brush bar is a godsend if you have lots of longer haired residents, as it will need regular cleaning.

Often the only difference between variants of Dyson cordless vacuums is the accessories you get, so make sure you don't pay over the odds for mini tools you don't really need.

3. Don’t pay more than £350 for a V8 

If you’re paying £350 or more for a V8 model, consider trading up to the V10 vacuum, which has a longer battery life and larger dust capacity. 

Equally, if you’re looking at the Absolute or Total Clean V10 models, it’s worth considering the V11 Animal instead (or holding out for the V11 Absolute when on offer). 

The V11 has a digital battery countdown, full 60 minutes of floor cleaning time (on eco mode) and the entry-level Animal model is a similar price to the top-end V10 models. Find out more in our full story on the Dyson V11 launch

4. Watch out for older models costing more than new ones 

You’d expect the prices of older ranges to go down over time, but we’ve found that some models end up on sale for a price that exceeds their original launch price, even several years after they first launched. 

Be wary of spending more on an older V6 model (it tends to make a comeback for sales events) as we’ve spotted the newer V7 vacuum for less. The V7 will give you nearly a third more battery life, so it’s worth checking the price difference before you buy. 

For 2020 Dyson re-launched the V7 and V8 ranges with an extra flexible ‘reach under tool’ and a new filtration system. Old versions are still being sold for the same price, sometimes more, so make sure to check the included accessories to avoid paying more for an older model. 

5. Don’t buy a Dyson at Littlewoods 

We’ve noticed that prices at Littlewoods in particular can be much higher than the common price elsewhere for Dyson vacuums – typically by £50-£100. For example, we’ve seen the Dyson V10 Absolute for £570 at Littlewoods but £450 elsewhere, so you’d be overpaying by £100 if you bought from here. Similarly, the V11 Absolute has been an absurd £750 – £150 more than its typical retail price.

6. Be wary of ‘exclusive’ models 

In 2017 we saw a couple of supposedly new models launch ahead of Black Friday, such as the V8 Absolute Pro and V7 Motorhead Pro. 

Often the difference between these models and the standard version is as simple as a difference in colour. The V8 Absolute Pro, for example, had a black cleaning tube, instead of the original orange. 

These models can sometimes be slightly cheaper, but check against the original model first to be sure. 

7. Check the latest price data 

Use price comparison sites such as PriceSpy to compare prices, as well as whether or not it’s a good time to buy, based on analysis of historical price data. It’s worth having a quick Google too, as some retailer’s price feeds, such as John Lewis, aren’t always picked up by these sites. 

Make sure you also check which models were best in our tough cleaning tests with our cordless Dyson reviews.

8. Check the alternatives

There are some brilliant Dyson vacuum cleaners out there, but we've also found some brilliant options from other brands, including some cheaper cordless cleaners that impressed in our tests. Check our list of the best cordless vacuums for alternatives to consider.

9. Consider a refurbished model 

The official eBay Dyson outlet has some of the cheapest prices around for popular models such as the V7 Motorhead, which we’ve seen for £149, and V10 Animal, currently £329. These models are refurbished, and have a slightly shorter guarantee, but are a good way to get a Dyson for less. 

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About this story

This story is regularly updated to reflect the latest model, price and deal information. Pricing data and deals correct as of 8 July 2021. 

Which? vacuum cleaner experts scour the market for the best deals and only include deals which represent genuine savings, or one of the best prices you’ll get for the products featured. 

We ignore the savings quoted by retailers, which are sometimes based on an inflated ‘before’ price, and instead compare savings to the typical selling price of a product, based on pricing research and our market knowledge.