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TalkTalk Mobile to close – what are your options?

Existing customers are being offered a discounted O2 contract, but are you better off elsewhere?

TalkTalk Mobile to close – what are your options?

TalkTalk has announced that it will exit the mobile provider space, and has already begun the process of closing its mobile business in order to cut costs and to focus on its broadband offerings.

Existing TalkTalk Mobile customers are being offered the choice of either moving to a new provider or switching to one of O2’s 4G plans. Plus if you’re with TalkTalk for broadband, there’s a discount of 25% up for grabs on selected O2 bundles. But does that represent a good deal for you?

If you are one of over 900,000 TalkTalk Mobile customers, read on to discover whether you should take TalkTalk up on this offer.

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What are the best TalkTalk alternatives?

With the Sim-only market becoming increasingly competitive, there has been an increasing incentive for users to shop around for deals.

There are a number of things to consider when switching provider, such as the length of the contract and how suitable a company’s bundle is to fit your typical monthly use of minutes, messages and data.

Below we show some of the best deals at three price points, all of which include 4G data, and compare them with TalkTalk Mobile and O2’s offer.

It is important to note that TalkTalk still expects customers to see out their contract, and there are still early exit penalties for those wishing to leave early and take advantage of any special deals running at the moment.

We have done our best to avoid special deals where possible and represent prices in the most comparable way possible.

Sim-only deals for low use

Minutes Messages Data (MB) Price per month
Three 200 UL 500 £5
Giffgaff 150 500 100 £5
O2 250 UL 250 £10.50 (£7.88)*
Vodafone 250 UL 250 £10.50
EE 250 UL 250 £10.99

Sim-only deals for medium use

Minutes Messages Data (GB) Price per month
Three UL UL 12 £15**
Giffgaff 2000 UL 9 £18
Vodafone UL UL 8 £18**
EE UL UL 12 19.99**
O2 UL UL 10 £30 (£22.50)*

Sim-only deals for high use

Minutes Messages Data (GB) Price per month
Giffgaff UL UL UL*** £20
Three UL UL UL £30
Vodafone UL UL 40 £41
O2 UL UL 30 £42 (£31.50)*
EE UL UL 40 £44.99

* shows regular O2 price, and price with maximum 25% discount applied
** indicates a sale price that is subject to change
*** Giffgaff throttles your data speed when you have used 9GB of data

As you can see, even when the discount is applied, it’s clear that there are better deals to be had if you shop around.

One example is Three’s unlimited plan, which gives customers unlimited data, minutes and texts for less money than O2’s deal, even when the maximum discount is taken into account. And if you’re looking for a medium use bundle, you could find switching to O2 costs you more than almost anyone else.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when choosing the best deal, such as customer service, incentives and whether the provider has coverage in your area. However, where price is considered, you might be better off looking elsewhere when your contract with TalkTalk Mobile ends.

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TalkTalk & Broadband

TalkTalk says that closing down its mobile provider service will allow it to place a larger focus on its landline, broadband and TV services.

With TalkTalk having consistently rated poorly in our survey of broadband providers, we are hopeful that this decision will help it to improve these areas and provide consumers with better service.

Here at Which?, we regularly run our own surveys of customers to find out the best broadband providers. Our detailed analysis of the speed, reliability, value for money, customer service and technical support help you to make more informed decisions when choosing which provider is best for you. Read our guide to the best broadband providers for more.

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