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Giffgaff launches new ‘Golden Goodybag’ – is it the best Sim deal around?

The new goodybag will be available for new and existing customers from 28 July

Giffgaff launches new ‘Golden Goodybag’ – is it the best Sim deal around?

Giffgaff has always offered some pretty competitive Sim-only deals, and may have just turned up with its most attractive yet.

The trial of a new £10 ‘Golden Goodybag’ offers 9GB of data as well as unlimited minutes and messages, and sits alongside its existing 6GB data goodybag at the same price.

The trial is currently set to end on 31 October, after which Giffgaff says it may choose to keep or replace the goodybag. Should you sign up? We run through the competition to find out.

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Giffgaff’s deal compared: Is it the best Sim-only deal?

We had a dig around to see how theGgolden Goodybag compares with its rivals.

The table below shows the deal alongside similar one-month Sim-only packages from both low-cost providers, as well as the big four providers in the UK.

Provider Data Minutes Contract length (months) Monthly cost
iD Mobile 10GB Unlimited 1 £8
Plusnet Mobile 10GB Unlimited 1 £10
Giffgaff 9GB Unlimited 1 £10
Three 12GB Unlimited 1 £19
O2 9GB Unlimited 1 £21
Vodafone 20GB Unlimited 1 £25
EE 20GB Unlimited 1 £27

Prices correct 23 July 2020.

As you can see, it’s not quite the very best deal around, but is certainly competitive. iD Mobile is the value king here, currently offering 1GB more than Giffgaff for £2 less a month – currently the cheapest package of its kind in the UK.

Although the big four are much more expensive when it comes to one-month packages, it’s worth mentioning that they do offer cheaper deals if you’re willing to lock yourself into a deal for up to 24 months, depending on the package.

Find out more in our guide on how to get the best Sim-only deal.

I’m not using as much data as before – what deals are right for me?

Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, many of us are spending a lot more time at home with a wi-fi connection.

Giffgaff, as well as other low-cost mobile networks, does offer low-data packages for those who rarely find themselves using their mobile data.

So if you’re currently paying for data you aren’t using, consider dropping down a level or two on your monthly bundle. Exactly how easy this is to do depends on your provider, and you’ll have to wait for the end of your current billing cycle before the new bundle kicks in.

On Giffgaff, it’s simply a case of logging into your account through the website or app, and choosing a different goodybag. Saving a few pounds a month might not sound like much, but could be all the motivation you need to take the plunge with a new video streaming service, for example.

Alternatively, switching provider entirely might be a better bet. The table below shows some of the cheapest low-data deals out there at the moment.

Provider Data Minutes Contract length (Months) Monthly cost
iD Mobile 1GB Unlimited 1 £6
Plusnet Mobile 2GB Unlimited 1 £6
Giffgaff 2GB Unlimited 1 £8
Asda Mobile 2.5GB 300 1 £7

Prices correct as of 23 July 2020.

Keen to switch? It’s easier than you might think

Switching mobile provider is far easier than it used to be, yet many people still remain loyal when they could be getting better value elsewhere.

We asked 1,340 people why they hadn’t switched in the past year, and got quite a wide range of answers. We myth-bust these in our article on ‘why you’re wrong about switching your mobile network‘.

You can also read our in-depth guide on how to switch mobile provider, which offers advice whether you’re in or out of contract, and how to make sure you get a good signal with a new provider.

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