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Best and worst sports cars for owner satisfaction

We reveal owners’ favourite sports car to own

Mazda MX-5 98- 1

You don’t buy a sports car expecting it to be the most practical car, but you want to know that you can rely on it – in summer and in winter. While owners’ favourite sports car put a big smile on their faces, the least satisfying sports car is plagued with problems from leaks to a lack of power.

Sports cars and convertibles are sold specifically to be fun when the sun comes out. But while owners’ favourite sports car was praised for being both fun and relatively practical, the least satisfying convertible was slated for being underpowered and unreliable.

The least satisfying sports car is plagued by leaks, plus a spate of electrical problems, according to owners. In contrast, one owner of the most satisfying sports car chose it over a Porsche and states, ‘that says it all!’.

We reveal which sports cars proved the most and least satisfying to live with in the 2013 Which? Car Survey.

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Most satisfying sports car to live with

The Mazda MX-5 has been on sale in the UK for decades and it seems that Mazda has perfected the recipe with owners raving about the car’s low running costs, sound reliability and fun driving experience.

The MX-5 (1998-2005) topped the owner satisfaction charts with a satisfaction score of 93%. One owner summed it up with, ‘The driving experience is a joy; just getting into the car puts a smile on my face!’ Another owner claimed that the MX-5 is fun to drive, ‘particularly at a fairly slow speed and even in cold weather’.

And another MX-5 owner said, ‘the car is very pretty, and lots of fun to drive, it is cheap enough to run and mechanically very reliable’.

Although this version of the MX-5 is getting on in years, reliability is proving strong with one MX-5 driver adding, ‘My car is 13 years old and there’s not a thing wrong with it’.

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Renault Megane Cab 06 1

Least satisfying sports car to live with

Although the Renault Megane CC (2002-2010) is a newer model than the MX-5, it lags far behind when it comes to owner satisfaction, chalking up an abysmal owner satisfaction score of just 57%.

Where MX-5 drivers praised their cars for being extremely fun to drive, Megane CC owners complained about their cars’ lack of power, which makes for tricky overtaking. Electrical problems, leaks and restricted visibility all came in for criticism, as did heavy steering and rattles from the cabin.

One owner stated, ‘I had a spate of electrical problems in the early years after I bought the car new, which Renault found difficult to cure.’ Another Megane CC driver said ‘The window mechanisms stopped working, as did the auto sensor for lights and wipers’.

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