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McCain Oven Chips beaten in Which? taste test by supermarket brands costing less than half the price

We’ve tested nine brands of oven chips to see which are best for your quick and easy weeknight dinners

McCain Oven Chips beaten in Which? taste test by supermarket brands costing less than half the price

Oven chips costing less than 10p per 100g beat those from top brand McCain in our taste test.

Our panel of tasters blind tested oven chips from eight supermarket brands as well as McCain to find out which are your best bet for a delicious dinner.

We found two brilliant bargain brands, whose chips are worth choosing over McCain’s pricier 20p per 100g offering.

See how your favourite oven chips fared

The best oven chips

Chips in a tray in the oven

Our taste test shows that it pays to be picky when you buy oven chips.

Our top two brands were great across the board, with a deep golden brown colour and appetising flavour. They didn’t disappoint once bitten into either – expect a classic crispy skin, light and fluffy insides and a deep, tasty flavour.

It’s a different story at the other end of the scoreboard, though. Two brands of chips, in particular, really disappointed our tasters. They were anemically pale, with a limp and soggy texture and, most concerningly, tasted so bland that not even our pick of Heinz ketchups or mayonnaise could inject some flavour on to your plate.

Interestingly, the salt, fat and saturated fat content of the chips didn’t result in a tastier chip. In fact, the most calorific brand we tried ended up closer to the bottom of the table.

How we tested

We served 60 chip lovers a small portion from each brand, blind and in a random order to avoid bias.

We cooked the chips to packet instructions and served them without any condiments.

Panellists rated the chips in a private booth to avoid being influenced by others.

We asked our tasters to rate the taste, texture, appearance and aroma of each chip to make up the test score.

Can you fry oven chips?

Chips in a deep fat fryer

Yes, you can. Most of the chips we tested have instructions for frying as well as oven cooking on the packet.

It’s a much quicker way to cook, with your chips ready in 4-5 minutes, and you’ll get a classic crispy coating.

But it does add a hefty amount of fat and calories to your daily intake, plus you’ll need a deep-fat fryer to cook them in.

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