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Aldi and Lidl offers

Aldi and Lidl garden and power tool offers

By Anna Studman

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Tempted by a cheap pressure washer or hedge trimmer? We’ve tried out special offers from Lidl and Aldi to bring you our first impressions.

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Both Aldi and Lidl sell a variety of cheap gardening products, including BBQs, plants and power tools. Some of these seem like extremely good value compared with branded products, such as cordless gardening power tools, but are they worth snapping up?

These special offers don’t usually hang around for long, which means we don’t have time to test them fully – by the time we’ve tested them, they’ve sold out. Instead, our researchers try them out at home and report on their findings while there’s still time to buy.

On this page you can see the latest power tools and garden gadgets we’ve tried out, and get our verdict on whether they are worth buying, and our thoughts on plants, shrubs and smaller gardening tools.

If you’re looking for home appliances or kitchen gadgets, head over to our page on Aldi and Lidl offers on home electricals.

Latest Aldi and Lidl special offers on gardening

Update for 28 June 2018: Aldi and Lidl products that are currently on sale include:

You can see how previous offers fared when we tried them out below.

Aldi and Lidl garden products: are they any good?

It’s important to make sure the gardening tools you buy have the features you need, otherwise they could become tiresome to use. Our preview table below covers gadgets such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers, and gives an overview of the features you get with each product. Only logged-in members can see our expert verdict on each product.

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special offer power tools
Aldi and Lidl special offer power tools
Product What is it?
Aldi Electric Hedge Trimmer, £30

This corded electric hedge trimmer has a 620W motor and a 10-metre cord, which is longer than many. It’s operated using two switches – one that’s wrapped around the front handle and another at the back. The rear handle can be adjusted by 90 degrees, which helps when moving around a hedge. 

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Aldi 18V Li-Ion Grass Trimmer, £40

This Aldi cordless strimmer is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, and uses a plastic blade rather than a strimmer line. The angle of the cutting head can be adjusted to suit the terrain, and you can extend the shaft length and position of the handle for comfort. 

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Aldi 18V Li-Ion Hedge Trimmer, £40

This cordless hedge trimmer is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery that has useful indicator lights to show how much charge is left. It has a 52cm-long blade and is operated using a wraparound trigger on the front handle, pressed in conjunction with a second switch at the back.

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Lidl Florabest FRMA Cordless Lawnmower, £150

This budget cordless battery lawn mower has six cutting heights, a 37cm-cutting width and a 40-litre plastic grass box with a fullness indicator. It’s operated using a start button and bar that runs across the whole of the padded handle, and is powered by a 36V battery with safety key alongside it. 

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Lidl Florabest 18V Li-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer, £50

Indicator lights show you how much charge is left in this trimmer’s battery and its 58cm-long blade has a tip protector to protect other plants in your borders. The main switch is easy to reach whatever angle you’re cutting at, as it’s on all three sides of the wraparound front handle. 

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Lidl Florabest FHT 600 D3 Hedge Trimmer, £30

This corded electric hedge trimmer has a powerful 600W motor and a 10m cable, which is more generous than some. The 60cm blade has well-spaced teeth and comes with a plastic guard to protect it. One switch runs around the front wraparound handle, with  the second switch on the rear handle. 

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Lidl Florabest FMB 450B2 Petrol Mower, £139

You’ll need to pull start this petrol rotary mower and push it yourself as it’s not self-propelled. It has a 42cm cutting width, 125cc four-stroke engine, and a grass box made of fabric and plastic. You’ll find a choice of five cutting heights from 25-75mm, and the handle is adjustable to suit users of different heights. 

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Lidl Florabest Kugelgrill Kettle 44cm Charcoal BBQ, £30

This 44cm-diameter kettle-style BBQ is big enough to cook for three or four people, and has an enamel-coated body and lid. Wooden handles, a shelf and wheels make it practical to use. Although branded 'Florabest', the box and instructions show that it is made by Landmann – a well-known barbecue brand. 

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Lidl Florabest 4-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool, £129

The accessories supplied turn this tool into a strimmer, brushcutter, hedge trimmer and pole pruner as needed, all powered by a two-stroke petrol engine. The pack also contains a small set of tools, extra strimmer line, safety glasses, fuel mixing container, harness and loop handle to attach to the shaft. 

Update 28 June 2018: back on sale 1st July 2018 - log in or sign up to get our first look verdict of the Lidl Multi-Tool.

Aldi Workzone 2.2kW Pressure Washer, £80

This washer has a powerful 2200W motor and a maximum pressure of 150-bar – so it’s significantly more powerful than similarly priced models. It comes with a variable fan jet for cleaning cars and decking, and a rotary nozzle lance for blasting dirt. It's mounted on a wheeled trolley comes with a rotating car brush accessory.

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Lidl Parkside PHD 150 D3 Pressure Washer, £80

This is a fairly high spec machine for the price, with a 2100W motor and operating pressure of 110-bar. It sits on a wheeled trolley and has a variable fan-jet lance to use on easily damaged surfaces such as cars and decking, and a rotary nozzle lance for blasting patios clean.

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Lidl Parkside PHD 100 E2 Pressure Washer, £40

A 70-bar operating pressure is quite low – even for home use – but that’s all you get with this entry-level washer. Its compact cylinder body has a carry handle and wheels, and there’s room on board to store the lance, detergent bottle and nozzles. It comes with variable fan-jet and rotary nozzles. 

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Lidl Florabest FLS 3000 B2 Leaf Blower, £40

This is an electric leaf blower that converts into a vacuum that can shred leaves using a plastic impeller and two small metal blades. It offers a choice of six speeds, 8m of cable, and comes with a carry strap, 45-litre collection bag with a zip for emptying. It weighs around 4kg. 

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Lidl Florabest FLB3000 Leaf Blower, £40

With seven speeds to choose from this corded electric leaf blower gives you plenty of options. It can blow leaves into a pile or vacuum them up and chop them and you can change function at the flick of a switch. It comes with around 10 metres of cable and has a 50 litre collection bag. 

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Aldi Gardenline SP GPMX246l Petrol Mower, £179.00

This affordable mower is a great all-rounder. It’s easy to start, picks up well and fills the grass box properly. It’s a model more suited to medium-sized lawns and although it doesn’t go right to the edge, it will make mowing your grass quick and easy.

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What about Aldi and Lidl plants and hand tools?

In 2016 we tracked garden products at both stores over a year to find out what was for sale, for how long, and whether the products were good quality, to give you a steer on which of these items could be worth snapping up in future.

The table below gives a summary of our verdict on Aldi and Lidl plants, hand tools, and gardening accessories such as compost.

Aldi and Lidl plants and garden accessories
Aldi and Lidl plants and garden accessories
Product type Overview
Plants, seeds and bulbs As you’d expect the plant offers come thick and fast during the growing season, and they’re often – but not always – a little cheaper in Aldi and Lidl than other stores or garden centres. But are they worth buying? Log in or sign up to find out.
Gardening tools and accessories Both Aldi and Lidl sold a range of cheap hand tools in the spring and summer of 2016. We tried out the trowels, forks and secateurs in our trial gardens at Capel Manor along with compost and other growing accessories. Again these are good value compared to rival stores. Log in or sign up to find out if they are worth buying.

Aldi vs Lidl gardening products and power tools: which are better?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer as to which of these two stores offers the best products. Both have come up with some cracking bargains – and a couple of real turkeys. As we don’t test these products fully in the lab we can’t compare their performance side by side, but on the whole our researchers felt that Lidl’s tools tended to be a slightly higher quality than Aldi’s. 

Product quality varies though, so always check our first look reviews before you buy to get our steer on which ones are worth having. Many of the garden tools we tried will get the job done, but sometimes you’d be better off spending a little more and opting for one of our fully tested Best Buys.

If you’re not happy with your purchase both Aldi and Lidl offer warranties on their products and you can return items within 28 days if you’re not satisfied when you try it out at home.

Aldi and Lidl gardening offers - top tips

Bookmark this page to get the Which? expert view on key products that have just been launched, and those that are coming soon. Other ways to make sure you get the hottest gardening deals include:

  • Sign up with the store to receive their latest news and email updates
  • For plants, try to visit the store on Thursdays or Sundays throughout the growing season, which is when new offers generally appear. This is when they’re likely to be in the best condition
  • Remember that you can sometimes purchase Aldi’s special offers online, so you don’t even have to visit a store

If you're keen to bag the best - or best value - garden tools, plants and accessories, head to the gardening section of our site for more advice and reviews.

In addition to the power and garden tools we’ve covered here, Aldi and Lidl also sell appliances for your home and kitchen. Take a look at our round-up of Aldi and Lidl special offers on home electricals, for everything from cheap coffee machines to carpet cleaners.