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Aldi and Lidl bag Best Buys in Which? mayo test

Budget brand mayos beat big names in taste test

Aldi and Lidl mayonnaise - Best Buys

Aldi and Lidl mayonnaises are both Best Buys

Mayonnaise from Aldi and Lidl have beaten Hellmann’s and Heinz for taste in a recent Which? taste test of big-brand and supermarket mayos.

Both of the Aldi and Lidl mayonnaises are Best Buys – Lidl’s Vita D’Or Mayonnaise (79p for 470g) came top in the Which? test with 73%, and Aldi’s Bramwells Real Mayonnaise (79p for 500 ml) scored 71%. Both were more popular with a panel of tasters than market leader Hellmann’s and Heinz.

Best Buys are half the price of Hellmann’s

Aldi’s Best Buy Bramwells Real Mayonnaise (17p per 100g) and Lidl’s Vita D’Or Mayonnaise (17p per 100g) are less than half the price of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (50p per 100g) and Heinz Mayonnaise (46p). But tasters awarded them the highest scores for aroma, appearance, taste and texture.

Which? says

Nutritionist and Which? food expert Shefalee Loth told us: ‘All the mayos we tested are made from similar ingredients, egg yolk and oil, and none of them did badly in our tests. But testers liked the taste of the cheaper mayos from Aldi and Lidl best.’

Mayonnaises tested

Which? tested real, or full-fat, mayonnaises from leading brands and supermarkets including Asda (67%), Co-op (68%), M&S (67%), Sainsbury’s (70%), Tesco (70%) and Waitrose (70%). Morrisons was re-formulating its mayonnaise at the time of our tests and wasn’t included.

How we test mayonnaise

In February 2012 Which? asked 100 consumers to taste six brands of mayonnaise each. Each mayonnaise was tasted blind to avoid tasters being influenced by the packaging or brand names. Mayos were tasted with chips. Each mayo was tasted by 60 people and each person tested six mayos. In all, 600 tastings were made. 

Full-fat vs light mayonnaise

Which? has tested real mayonnaise, or the full-fat variety, in the main mayo test – but light versions and flavoured mayos are also popular. Have your say about both types and read about our full-fat vs light mayo taste test carried out with staff at the Which? customer service centre in Hertford.

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