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How long will your home appliances last? We can tell you

Discover the home appliance brands you can trust

Washing machine reliability

We reveal the least reliable washing machine brands, and the ones that won’t let you down

We’ve collected data on more than 9,000 home appliances and can tell you which brands last the longest, which deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and which provide the best value for money. 

Which? can reveal the most reliable home appliance brands in 15 home appliance categories, including washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, fridge freezers and built-in ovens. 

Our unique research indicates how likely each brand’s appliances will remain fault free during a ten year period. The differences between brands can be enormous. 

For example, after three years only 56% of the least reliable brand of cylinder vacuum cleaners are still fault free, compared to 93% for the most reliable brand. 

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The best and worst large domestic appliance brands

The most reliable products in our survey are hobs. They have an average reliability score of 92%, with one brand achieving an astonishing reliability score of 96%. To find out which it is, check out our hob reviews.

The least reliable type of home appliance, according to our survey, is washer dryers – they have an average reliability score of 69%. However, the most reliable brand of washer dryer gets a reliability score of 80%. This means it is possible to get a reliable brand, but you need to make sure you choose carefully to avoid disappointment – so make sure you use our washer dryer reviews.

The best value home appliance brands

For the first time this year, we also looked at the average price that people pay for each brand. So we are able to see the great value brands that provide top-notch reliability and customer satisfaction, and won’t break the bank. 

The most reliable brand of tumble dryer costs on average almost four times less than the most expensive brand.

We discovered that the most reliable brand of tumble dryer costs on average almost four times less than the most expensive brand. 

Longevity and value aren’t the only thing that matter when choosing an appliance. So we also asked customers how satisfied they were with their appliances and how likely they would be to recommend them to a friend. 

You can use our reliability, customer satisfaction and test scores together to ensure you buy an appliance that does its job superbly, doesn’t break the bank and won’t let you down.

Appliances covered by our survey 

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Dishwashers and laundry 

Steam mops and cleaners


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