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Best Buy extra virgin olive oil revealed by Which?

Which premium oil is worth it?

Pouring olive oil

Discover the best premium extra virgin olive oils for a delicious drizzle

We’ve found a Best Buy premium extra virgin olive oil that we think is so tasty that it’s worth splashing out on this summer.

We enlisted an expert tasting panel to help us separate the best oils from those whose flat flavours may leave your salads sad. We looked at premium extra virgin olive oils from supermarkets and Filippo Berio.

Our Best Buy was complimented for its ripe-avocado flavours, its fresh-grass aroma, and its peppery finish – so you’ll love it if you prefer a punchier oil. We found two other oils that impressed our tasters enough to be worth a try.

Where there are winners, there have to be losers. Two extra virgin olive oils earned the same score to share the bottom rung of our results table. One of them is among the most expensive oils we tasted – our experts thought it lacked complexity, with one describing its flavour as flat and tired.

Head to best extra virgin olive oils to find out which ones will leave you salivating.

Everyday extra virgin olive oils

Filippo berio and napolina

Find out how everyday extra virgin olive oils from Filippo Berio and Napolina compare

Our experts also taste tested everyday extra virgin olive oils – Napolina Extra Virgin (500ml, £3.75), Filippo Berio Extra Virgin (500ml, £3.70), Napolina Special Selection Extra Virgin (500ml, £5.99) and Filippo Berio Special Selection Extra Virgin (500ml, £5.50).

They assessed how each oil ranks up against the premium offerings, and what makes them different.

Find out how these everyday extra virgin olive oils compare.

Premium oils on test

See below for the premium extra virgin olive oils we ranked, listed alphabetically. 

  • Aldi Specially Selected Puglian – £2.99/500ml
  • Asda Extra Special Toscano – £6.99/500ml
  • Filippo Berio Gran Cru Toscano – £10/500ml
  • Marks & Spencer Toscano – £10/500ml
  • Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Toscano – £5/500ml
  • Tesco Finest Toscano – £6.50/500ml
  • Waitrose PDO Chianti Classico – £9.99/500ml*

More Best Buy tastes for summer

salmon yogurt coffee and gin

Discover Best Buy smoked salmon, Greek-style yoghurt, ground coffee and gin

When it comes to food and drink, we haven’t just tested extra virgin olive oil – we’ve also enjoyed and ranked smoked salmon, Greek-style yoghurt, gin and more.

Head to Best Buy food and drink for our top-level results, and wow friends and family (and yourself) with your superb culinary choices this summer.

As is true with most Which? tests, it’s not always the most expensive that outpaces its competition. So it’s worth doing your research to be kind to both your wallet and taste buds.

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