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New research: EE offers the fastest 4G speeds in Great Britain

But it has a challenger in the east of England

New research: EE offers the fastest 4G speeds in Great Britain

New research exploring which mobile phone network is fastest in Great Britain has revealed that EE comes up trumps – offering the highest speeds in eight out of 11 regions of Great Britain, including both Scotland and Wales.

In the other three regions, EE’s speeds were matched by Three.

The research, conducted by OpenSignal, explored mobile network speeds throughout the country in June and August. It compared providers in Scotland, Wales and the nine official regional divisions of England.

Find out more about how EE, O2, Three and Vodafone compare in our guide on which phone network offers the best signal.

The 4G battle in the east

While EE offered the highest speeds in most parts of Great Britain, in three regions it has competition from Three. In the north-east, East Midlands and the east of England, the speeds offered by Three are statistically equal to those offered by EE.

Three offers its fastest speeds in the north-east, where Open Signal found it offered average 4G speeds of 30Mbps. Its slowest speeds were found in London, where it reaches speeds of 14.5Mbps.

EE is its best in Scotland, offering an average 4G speed of 30.3Mbps. Its lowest speeds are in Yorkshire and the Humber, where it manages a still respectable 25.9Mbps.

By comparison, O2 and Vodafone don’t manage EE’s lowest speed in any part of the country. O2 offers its best speed in the east of England, with 17.3Mbps, and Vodafone’s strongest showing is in the north-west of England with 22Mbps.

Use our infographic, below, to see how the providers stack up in your region.

Which is the best mobile phone provider?

Deciding which mobile provider is best doesn’t just come down to speed. Price and customer service should be considered too, as well as coverage in the areas you spend the most time. Use our mobile phone coverage map to work out which is the best provider in your area.

EE, O2, Three and Vodafone aren’t your only options, though: there are also multiple virtual networks you can choose from. Virtual network providers use the infrastructure put in place by other networks but offer their own plans, and customer service.

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