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Over a quarter of Sky customers pay more than £100 per month for TV & broadband

Meanwhile 87% of TalkTalk customers are paying less than £50, according to Which? research

Over a quarter of Sky customers pay more than £100 per month for TV & broadband

A Which? survey has found huge differences in the amounts paid by TV & broadband customers – with a large proportion of Sky and Virgin Media subscribers paying significantly more for their bundle than customers of other major providers.

TalkTalk and Plusnet customers tend to pay the lowest monthly fee, with the vast majority spending under £50 per month. For BT, 41% paid between £50 and £75. While what’s included in a TV and broadband package obviously varies, it’s a clear message to consumers that savings can be made if they’re not getting value for the level of service they receive.

As well as monthly tariffs, our survey of 3,400 customers with TV & broadband deals explores the satisfaction levels of the six major TV & broadband providers. We rate all of the key aspects of each provider’s service – from the shows they have available for you to watch and the quality of their broadband, to whether they offer value for money and offer helpful technical support when needed.

Find out which provider is the best overall – and which has failed to impress – using our guide to the best and worst TV providers of 2018.

Find a cheap TV and broadband bundle

Television and broadband bundles can be a considerable investment, so when signing up to a new deal it’s worth checking that you’re not paying over the odds. Our chart below shows the proportion of customers paying different monthly fees to each provider.

Three quarters of survey respondents overall told us they were paying more than £50 per month for their TV and broadband package, and more than a fifth of Sky and Virgin Media customers were paying more than £100 for the same period. That is a significant premium considering the priciest entry-level introductory television & broadband deal costs around £40 a month.

Meanwhile, at least 85% of TalkTalk and Plusnet customers were paying less than £49.99 per month.

How to save money on your TV and broadband package

If you’re paying over £100 for your bundle, the first step is to consider whether it’s worth changing to a new provider. More than half of those we surveyed told us they have never switched – some said this was because they were happy with their current deal, but one in 10 said they stayed through loyalty.

Unfortunately, customers are often left unrewarded for commitment. Providers tend to offer enticing welcome deals, but once introductory periods end, prices creep up – our research found that customers who have been with their provider for more than three years are most likely to be paying more.

Switching regularly will ensure you spend more time on cheaper introductory offers – our in-depth TV and broadband provider reviews will help ensure you’re choosing the best deal.

But if you don’t want to change your provider or bundle, it’s important to haggle regularly – providers expect it and reserve the best deals for those who do. The fact that you subscribe to more than one service – TV and broadband – will make you a customer they would be keen to keep.

When we looked into potential savings, the average discount for customers haggling on their TV and broadband deal was £216 annually. To find out how to save on your bundle, read our guide on how to haggle for the best broadband deal.

Just looking for standalone broadband?

If you’re not fussed about television and would prefer a cheaper service, it’s worth considering a standalone broadband deal instead. We conducted a separate survey on standalone broadband, taking in the views of over 7,000 standalone broadband customers who rated the 12 biggest providers on broadband speed and reliability, as well as customer service, technical support and value for money.

Our overview of the best and worst broadband providers lets you compare the big four providers – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media – with smaller providers like Plusnet, Utility WarehouseVodafone and Zen Internet.

To find out some of the most affordable standalone broadband deals on offer, head straight to our round up of the best cheap fibre and broadband deals.

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