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14 Dec 2019

14 recommended canapes for Christmas parties 2019

If you're looking for delicious Christmas ready-made canapes to suit all palates this festive season, here are our recommendations

Organising a festive get-together? Keep your guests happy with a great selection of Christmas canapes. Our food editors tasted 104 canapes from Aldi, M&S, Iceland, Sainsbury's, Co-op and more.

From our tasting, these are the 14 top picks to help get your Christmas party well and truly started (in no particular order).

See which drinks we recommend to get your party going:

Vegan canapes

1. Aldi Specially Selected Vegetable Tempura Nests (£2.99, pack of 8)

These not only looked delightful on the canape tray but were delicious, too, and gave a lovely, satisfying crunch with every bite.

They didn't fall apart and each was more than one bite-ful.

Availability: In store now

2. M&S Plant Kitchen No-Pork Pigs in Duvets (£5, pack of 12)


There was a pleasing peppery bite from these extremely convincing 'pigs', which had all the texture and resonance of a meat sausage.

The vegan pastry was deliciously rich.

Serve these nibbles to a meat-eater and there's a good chance they won't know there's no meat in them.

Availability: In store from 21 December 2019.

3. Iceland No Duck Spring Roll (£2, pack of 10)

Our food eds enjoyed the punchy, spicy 'duck' filling encased in a lovely crunchy outer.

They dubbed these a crowd-pleaser and thought the flavoursome hoisin sauce would appeal to non-veggie festive guests, too.

Availability: In store and online now

4. Iceland No Bull Burger sliders (£4, pack of 8)

There was a pleasing mix of bun, mustard, sauce and filling with this vegan mini burger option, and even though the bun was a bit sticky it was still a great looking snack.

A Noel nibble to please all.

Availability: In store and online now

5. Morrisons 10 No Pigs In Blankets (£2.50, pack of 10)

These non-pigs had the texture of meat sausage and our testers found the contrasting crunch of blanket crisp and enjoyable.

They captured the essence of pork pigs in blankets - and looked the part, too.

Availability: In store and online now

6. Aldi Vegan Mini Bites in Sweet Chilli Cauliflower and Pumpkin (£1.99, pack of 10)

The lovely creamy 'cheesy' filling is vegan friendly so this party nibble is for everyone.

These had a good crisp outer but with a delectable creamy middle that also had a satisfying kick.

Availability: In store now

7. Waitrose & Partners Vegan Moroccan Mushroom & Chickpea Pittas (£6, pack of 12)

These fabulously cute, two-bite mini pittas had a spicy filling that was substantial and satisfying with zingy tomato coming through.

Availability: In store and online now

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Vegetarian canapes

8. Co-op Mini Roasted Vegetable Tarts (£3, pack of 6)

This mouth-watering canape tasted like ratatouille in a crisp tomato tart case and was a great alternative to yet another slice of quiche.

It looked impressive, too.

Availability:In store now

9. M&S 10 Collection Porcini & Truffle Crumpets (£7, pack of 10)

If you're looking for an original and grown-up canape, this is one to put on your shopping list.

It was a great combination of crispy, 'carby' crumpet and silky mushroom and truffle with umami flavours.

One editor said, 'I want to eat these again and I don't even like mushrooms.'

Availability:In store now

Meat and fish canapes

10. Tesco Finest Prawn Roses (£5, pack of 10)

Guests will be wowed when you serve these little filo pastry roses.

They had a good prawn centre with a nicely spicy yet balanced flavour, encased in a crisp pastry of petals.

A treat to see something that looks so different in the canape category.

Availability:In store and online now

11. Morrisons The Best Pork & Festive Fruit Stuffing Pies (£3, pack of 6)

This looks like a mince pie but is actually filled with pork and stuffing.

The sausage meat was lovely and gamey and the melted cranberry sauce topping was a sweet, fruity counterpoint.

It was a bit too crumbly to eat as a finger food but a lovely taste nonetheless.

Availability: In store and online now

12. Waitrose & Partners 12 Chorizo Paella Pastry Shells (£6, pack of 12)

These attractive-looking canapes really caught the full 'paella from the pan' flavour.

The ash pastry of the mussel 'shell' added a pleasant smoky edge.

A really flavoursome Noel nibble.

Availability: In store and online now

13. Aldi Specially Selected Red Thai Chicken Skewers (£3.29, pack of 8)

Moist chicken with a crunchy crumb that gave satisfying mouthful.

The sauce added a real pop of fruit flavour and the bright red definitely made it look festive.

Availability: In store only now

14. Asda Extra Special Coconut & Lime Butterfly Prawns (£2.50, pack of 8)

These were really stylish and toothsome from the first bite, with a lovely taste of coconut, a substantial prawn and a satisfying crunch.

They worked well with the accompanying passion fruit and sweet chilli dip.

Availability: In store and online now