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1 Nov 2019

Heinz ketchups compared: which tastes best for bonfire night?

We tested Heinz original alongside its ketchups with less sugar and salt to find out which you should buy for your bangers on 5 November

We asked 100 people to blind-taste, rate and compare Heinz Original tomato ketchup to Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt and No Added Sugar & Salt. The original came out top, but the 50% Less was judged to taste so similar that you could be fooled for mistaking it for the original.

The No Added Sugar & Salt ketchup fared the worst of the three, but many of our testers commented on its richer and more authentic tomato flavour. While it wasn't judged to be as smooth or thick as the original, and our tasters didn't think it looked quite as attractive, it's worth a try if you want something slightly different to regular ketchup.

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 79%

  • £2.40 for 570g (42p/100g)

Given it's such an iconic bestselling product with such a recognisable taste, it's hardly surprising that the original Heinz was ranked top by most of our tasters and received the highest score for taste.

The panel especially enjoyed its tanginess and sweetness. And it scored extremely well for its smooth and thick texture - perfect for a satisfying 'dollop' on your plate.

Of the three Heinz ketchups we tasted, this one has the least tomato in it - 148g per 100g of Original Heinz compared with 200g per 100g in No Added Sugar Ketchup.

It also has the most sugar (22.8g per 100g) and salt (1.8g per 100g).

Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt, 74%

  • £2 for 625g (32p/100g)

This healthier option has more tomatoes than the original - 178g per 100g of ketchup - and unsurprisingly, given its name, half the sugar and salt - 11g and 0.9g per 100g respectively.

It scored just as well on taste, but was ranked best by fewer testers on our panel.

Looks-wise? You can't tell the difference. So probably worth trying if you love the iconic original Heinz Ketchup but want to cut your salt and sugar intake.

Heinz No Added Sugar & Salt, 68%

  • £2.50 for 610g (41p/100g)

This one has the most tomato bang for your buck with 200g per 100g of ketchup.

It also has less sugar and salt than the 50% Less ketchup - just 4.4g of sugar and 0.05g of salt per 100g.

The added tomato and reduced sugar and salt led many of our panellists to comment that it had a flavour more like real tomatoes.

They felt it wasn't as smooth or thick as the original - so it may not be quite what you're used to. But if you're looking to slash sugar and salt, or are just looking for something different to and more tomatoey than the original, this could be for you.

Prices correct on 31 October 2019, excluding special offers on different sizes. We asked 100 regular tomato sauce eaters to compare Heinz original, Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt, and No Added Sugar & Salt Ketchup to see which they preferred. Our panellists rated the three ketchups, ranked their preferences and scored the sauces on appearance, aroma, taste and texture. Research was carried out by consumer research specialists Wirral Sensory Services.