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18 Apr 2020

Spreadable butter: if you go lighter, do you lose out on taste?

We tested Lurpak Spreadable alongside Lurpak Spreadable Lighter to find out which tastes better
Butter being spread on multigrain bread

We asked 103 people to blind-taste, rate and compare Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted to Lurpak Lighter Spreadable Slightly Salted.

The original came out top overall, with only 15% of our testers saying they preferred the lighter version.

The lighter version didn't fare as well, with some testers finding the flavour too weak and the consistency too soft. However, some also liked how spreadable and smooth it was.

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Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted, 79%

  • £3.75 for 500g (75p/100g)

Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted butter got a thumbs-up from our panel members, beating Lurpak Lighter on every measure.

It got high marks for appearance, and most thought the colour was just right.

It did well on the flavour front, too, with some testers deeming it to have the perfect amount of saltiness plus a buttery taste.

It also earned high marks for its light, creamy texture and a smoothness that the panel said makes it easy to spread.

Lurpak Spreadable contains 64% butter, compared with 40% in the lighter version, and although it's higher in fat (79g per 100g) it contains the same amount of salt (0.9g per 100g).It's also higher in calories (706kcal per 100g).

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Lurpak Lighter Spreadable Slightly Salted, 67%

  • £3.75 for 500g (75p/100g)

Lurpak Lighter Spreadable Slightly Salted didn't fare as well in our taste test, with a mere 15% of tasters saying they preferred the lighter version.

Most people thought the colour was too light and pale, with an appearance that some said was reminiscent of cream cheese or margarine.

The flavour wasn't rated as well as the original version, either, with some tasters finding it too weak.

It contains less butter (40%) than the standard variety and has more water than rapeseed oil, which is the other way round to the standard variety.

It has less fat than the Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted (57g per 100g) and fewer calories, too (516kcal per 100g).


The majority of tasters favoured the conventional spreadable Lurpak, which beat the lighter version on every measure, including texture, flavour and colour.
However, the lighter version still scored reasonably well overall (67%), with tasters enjoying its spreadability and creamy, buttery taste.
It could be worth a try if you're looking for a healthier option and don't mind slightly compromising on taste.

How we compared these spreadable butters

  • We asked 103 butter eaters to compare Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted to Lurpak Lighter Spreadable Slightly Salted to see which they preferred.
  • Our panellists rated the two butters, ranked their preferences and scored both on appearance, aroma, taste and texture.

Prices correct on 18 April 2020, excluding special offers on different sizes.