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4 Apr 2022

Mini eggs taste test: Cadbury vs Aldi

Aldi's cheaper chocolate mini eggs are almost a match for the originals in our blind taste test
mini eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs are an iconic Easter treat, but Aldi's Dairyfine chocolate eggs make for a good cheap alternative, according to tasters.

We asked a panel of 105 people to blind taste and rate Cadbury Mini Eggs and Aldi Dairyfine chocolate eggs to see if Aldi's budget chocs could compete.

While the original Cadbury mini eggs triumphed overall, Aldi's version was still well received, so they're a good option if you've got some serious Easter bunny duties and are looking to save money.

Find out more on how tasters rated both below, as well as where to get the best-priced mini chocolate eggs this Easter.

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Cadbury or Aldi: who makes the best chocolate mini eggs?

Cadbury Mini Eggs were the overall winner with a score of 80%, but Aldi's wasn't far behind with a score of 75%.

When it came to choosing between Cadbury and the supermarket alternative, 57% of tasters said they'd go for Cadbury while 36% went for Aldi.

Cadbury Mini Eggs - £1 for 80g

  • Overall score: 80%
  • Preferred by: 57%
cadbury mini eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs proved they are a classic for a reason, with the aroma, flavour and texture rated better than Aldi by our panel.

Most thought the flavour was spot-on when it came to sweetness and the strength of the chocolate flavour.

The texture of the shell and chocolate inside also satisfied our panel, with around eight in ten rating it to be just right.

At £1 per 80g pack (£1.25 per 100g) Cadbury Mini Eggs are the pricier of the two but they are more widely available.

They also have the least sugar (68.5g per 100g) and the same amount of saturated fat (13g per 100g) as Aldi's eggs, but remember that they're still classed as high in sugar and saturated fat.

Aldi Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Eggs - 85p for 80g

  • Overall score: 75%
  • Preferred by: 36%

Aldi's Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Eggs scored five percentage points less than Cadbury, but still scored well overall.

When it came to how the eggs looked, three quarters thought the colour was just right, commenting on their bold and vibrant appearance.

More than half of our panel found the flavour of the chocolate just right too, but around a third thought they weren't quite chocolatey enough.

At 85p per 80g pack (£1.06 per 100g) they make a great-tasting budget alternative if you have an Aldi nearby.

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Where to buy cheap chocolate mini eggs

You can usually pick up an 80g pack of Cadbury Mini Eggs for £1 in most supermarkets.

They are slightly more expensive in Waitrose at £1.15 for an 80g pack, but are currently on a multi-buy offer at 2 for £2. This could be handy if you're stocking up for an egg hunt as we approach Easter Sunday on 17 April 2022.

Larger family packs (269g) are also available and can be better value. Most supermarkets are selling these for £3, which works out at £1.01 per 100g.

Aldi's Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Eggs are 15p cheaper per 80g pack, but they could be trickier to get hold of if you don't live near one.

Other chocolate mini egg brands:

We couldn't taste test all the alternative chocolate mini egg brands due to limited seasonal availability of the products, but some other supermarkets are now also stocking their own versions. These include:

  • Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate Micro Eggs - 90p per 100g pack. Available from Sainsburys
  • Lidl Mister Choc Mini Eggs - 79p per 80g pack (98.8p per 100g). Available from Lidl (in-store only)

Mini eggs for small children: choking hazard warning

Mini chocolate eggs pose a potential choking risk for small children, so do bear this in mind if organizing an all-ages Easter egg hunt, or dishing out treats to kids.

Cadbury Mini Eggs have a warning on the pack which states they are not suitable for children under the age of four, but even with slightly older children it's worth taking extra care.

The same applies to any small chocolates, so larger fun-size hollow eggs or chocolate characters may be a safer bet for little ones.

Are mini eggs made from sustainably sourced chocolate?

All of Cadbury's chocolate sits under the Cocoa Life scheme. This is Mondelez's in-house sustainability scheme that trains farmers to increase yields and income, as well as adopt good farming practices to protect forests.

Meanwhile, Aldi states that the cocoa butter and cocoa mass in its mini chocolate eggs are Rainforest Alliance certified. Products with this logo must have systems in place to protect the farm's natural biodiversity and resources. They must also treat workers fairly, not allow child labour, and be part of the Global Living Wage Coalition.

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Is the packaging on mini eggs recyclable?

Both Cadbury and Aldi mini chocolate eggs come in soft plastic packaging, which is not recyclable with your normal household recycling.

However some supermarkets, like Tesco and Co-op, have recycling schemes where you can return soft plastic packaging in store.

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