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22 Jan 2015

Which is the tastiest spread for your toast?

Flora, Clover and supermarket brands on test

We've pitted popular dairy spreads, including Flora, Clover and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, against own-brand products from supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Lidl and Asda.

Our 120-strong consumer panel munched their way through 600 pieces of bread to blind taste test ten different dairy spreads. Each spread was rated each on its taste, appearance, texture and aroma.

And the results were surprising, revealing that you don't need to compromise on taste if you're on the hunt for a great value spread.

To find out which was best, and to learn which you shouldn't waste your money on, head straight to our dairy spreads review.

Cheap dairy spreads

If you're trying to keep your supermarket spending down, you'll want to discover which affordable own-brands were rated the tastiest by our consumer panel. One of the cheapest products we tested was rated so highly we've named it a Best Buy.

However, not all supermarket own-brand spreads were up to the same standard. Our panel described one product as 'greasy' and 'lacking in flavour' - which isn't really the flavour you're after when you chomp into your morning toast.

We also found differences in the amount of saturated fat each product contained - ranging from 24.8% to 10%. And seven out of the 10 spreads we tested are fortified with vitamin D, which butter contains naturally.

We've put all of this information into our dairy spreads reviews, so you can quickly identify the best product for your tastebuds, wallet and wellbeing.

Dairy spreads on test

Below are the ten products we put through our extensive taste test, where each spread was tasted at least 60 times. The spreads include the market leaders, plus own-brands from major supermarkets (with the exception of Aldi and The Co-Operative, which are reformulating their products).

Asda Buttery Spread £0.90
Butterlicious by Sainsbury's £1.30
Clover £2.00
Flora Buttery £1.70
Flora Original £1.70
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter £1.70
Lidl Heavenly Buttery £0.89
Morrisons Totally Buttery £1.26
Tesco Butter Me Up £0.89
Utterly Buttery £1.80

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