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Retiring abroad and healthcare

See our round-up of which countries offer a free healthcare service and which make you pay. 

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Where do I need private health insurance? Where do I need to pay towards healthcare costs?
Where is healthcare similar to the NHS? Countries compared on healthcare

Where do I need private health insurance?

For those retiring abroad, healthcare is of particular concern.

In the UK, we enjoy free universal provision from the NHS; private medicine and medical insurance is auxiliary rather than essential. In some retirement destinations, however, this is far from the case.

The US, for example, places far greater emphasis on private medicine, so medical insurance is essential. Those moving to South Africa will also need to take out adequate private cover.


Where do I need to pay towards healthcare costs?

In France, Spain and Italy there is a good state system, which provides most medical care at greatly reduced cost. Expats retiring from the UK need to obtain an S1 form before they leave. 

Top-up medical insurance is still recommended, however, as you often need to pay a share (about 30%) of the cost of treatment and medicines. 

If you  need medical treatment, you are expected to pay at the end of each consultation, but you can usually claim the money back from your insurer and have it paid directly into your account.

Where is healthcare similar to the NHS?

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are perhaps closest to the UK’s NHS, providing free care for all. 

Medical insurance there may increase choice and cut down waiting times, but it is not regarded as essential.

The table below shows the availability of free healthcare across a number of popular retirement destinations. 

Countries compared on healthcare

The table below shows where you are able to access universal healthcare benefits in a range of popular countries in which to retire.

We also show where a Visa is needed to live in the country.

Country Universal healthcare? Visa needed?
Australia Yes Yes
Canada Yes Yes
Cyprus No No
France Yes No
Germany Yes No
Ireland Yes No
Italy Yes No
Jamaica No Yes
New Zealand Yes Yes
South Africa No Yes
Spain Yes No
United States of America No Yes