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Revealed: the car brands most likely to be vandalised

Will owning one of these brands drive up your car insurance premium?

Revealed: the car brands most likely to be vandalised

Motorists take note – new data has revealed the car brands most likely to be vandalised. 

Insurance giant Churchill calculated the top 10 brands most likely to suffer criminal damage by analysing four years’ worth of claims data from 2013 to 2017.

The figures suggest that when it comes to car vandalism, size really does matter and criminals are more likely to target smaller cars.

On average, 2,000 claims for car vandalism are made every month – meaning that every 22 minutes someone in the UK makes a claim.

Find out how likely your car is to be targeted and if your car insurance policy will provide cover.

Car brands most likely to be vandalised

New data from Churchill has revealed that owners of ‘microcars’ are most at risk of having their vehicle vandalised.

Owners of Smart cars are the most likely to be victims of car vandalism and each year over one in every 100 registered Smart car owners make a claim.

Mini, a manufacturer known for it’s compact cars, is the second most at-risk brand for car vandalism. One in every thousand registered Mini owners make a claim for car vandalism each year.

Sports car brand Alfa Romeo is the third most likely type of car to be vandalised.

BMW and Mazda are the fourth and fifth most likely car brands to suffer criminal damage.

The table below shows the full top 10 list of cars most likely to be vandalised.

Rank Make of car
1 Smart car
2 Mini
3 Alfa Romeo
5 Mazda
6 Peugeot
7 Saab
8 Fiat
9 Mercedes
10 Citroën

Cosmetic damage is the most frequent type of car vandalism, with 15% of all claims reporting this form of incident.

Damage to the front bumper of a car was the second most likely form of car vandalism to occur, with 12% of all claims reporting this form of damage.

Front door damage followed close behind with 12% of all claims reporting this form of destruction.

Cost of car vandalism

The cost of a vandalism car insurance claim will vary depending on the type and extent of the damage caused.

Over the past five years, however, the average value of car insurance claim for vandalism has increased by over 40%.

This is because in-car technology is becoming more commonplace and the cost of repairing damage is increasing.

Making a car insurance claim also impacts your car insurance premium as it increases your perceived level of risk to insurers.

The table below shows average cost of insuring each of the top 10 at-risk cars according to data from Confused.com.

Make of car  Average cost to insure
BMW £1,693.64
Mercedes £1,471.56
Alfa Romeo £1,294.17
Fiat £1,244.42
Mazda £1,203.17
Mini £1,202.70
Smart car (MCC) £1,185.10
Peugeot £1,177.56
Saab £1,093.00
Citroën £1,022.96

The average costs are based on at least 1,000 car insurance quotes for each brand in March 2018. More information about the cost breakdown of car insurance cover can be found on the Confused.com car insurance price index.

When is your car most likely to be vandalised?

October is the most common month for car vandalism with number of claims increasing by around 8%.

Halloween pranks are the leading cause of criminal damage during this month.

December is the quietest month for car vandalism and claims decrease by 12%.

Does car insurance cover vandalism?

Most standard car insurance policies do not cover vandalism. Usually, standard accident claims fall under two categories: at-fault and non-fault.

An at-fault claim is when you are considered to blame for an accident or your car insurance company is unable to recover costs from another person.

Non-fault claims are when your car insurer is able to recover costs from someone else who is liable for the accident.

Although you may not be to blame, acts of vandalism are considered at-fault claims because the vandal is often unidentifiable, and your car insurer won’t be able to cover costs from them.

This means that you will likely lose some or all of you no-claims discount when you make a claim.

Some car insurance companies do offer protection to your no-claims bonus for vandalism as part of a more comprehensive policy.

Finding the best car insurance deal

Shopping around for the best insurance deal can help you save hundreds of pounds, but you shouldn’t automatically go for the cheapest policy.

Be sure to look at the details of each policy, including what’s covered, the excess and any exclusions. The quality of customer service is something to bear in mind too.

To help you find the best car insurer, our experts have analysed the standard policies of more than 30 car insurance companies and surveyed thousands of policyholders to generate impartial scores and car insurance reviews.

For more useful tips on finding the best car insurance check out our car insurance guide and the short video below.

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