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Which vegan mayonnaise is best?

From Hellmann's and Heinz to Asda and Tesco, we tried big brands, vegan brands and supermarket versions to find out
Vegan mayonnaise

Hellmann's vegan mayo won out in our blind consumer taste test, but it tied with a cheap supermarket rival, proving that going plant-based doesn't have to be pricey.

The rise in popularity of vegan food has led to a boom in vegan options available on supermarket shelves, but not all vegan mayonnaises are made equal.

We tested 12 branded and supermarket own-label vegan mayos, including Hellmann's and Heinz along with cheaper supermarket alternatives from the likes of Asda, Morrisons and Tesco, and found brilliant buys to pick up wherever you shop.

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Best vegan mayonnaise to buy

Sainsbury's plant-based mayo is both cheap and tasty, according to our consumer panel. It came out joint-top in our test, along with condiment stalwart Hellmann's, but it's much cheaper.

If you're near a Sainsbury's it's one to stock up on. Otherwise Hellmann's is an equally delicious choice.

Best Buy and Great Value: Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers Vegan Mayo - 78%

48p per 100ml

Sainsbury's Plant Pioneers vegan mayo

If you live near a Sainsbury's, or are just passing by, it's worth picking up this cheap and delicious vegan mayo. It smells and tastes better than rivals, and our tasters loved its creamy, just-the-right-level-of-thick texture.

It's pale colour may be a bit of a giveaway, but more than nine in 10 tasters still said it was a convincing substitute for the real thing.

Available to buy from Sainsbury's.

Best Buy: Hellmann's Plant Based Vegan Mayonnaise - 78%

96p per 100ml

Hellmann's ties for the top spot with Sainsbury's, though it will set you back more at the till. 

Most tasters thought it would make a convincing substitute for dairy mayonnaise (though it wasn't quite as convincing as Sainsbury's). Otherwise it has the same appealing smell, mouth-watering texture and delicious taste. It's got more of a tang than Sainsbury's mayo, with three in 10 tasters finding it too sharp for their palette.

The slightly darker colour went down better with our panel than Sainsbury's mayo, so if you want a suitably subtle swap for standard mayo, it could be a better pick.

Available to buy from AsdaMorrisonsOcadoSainsbury'sTesco and Waitrose

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How M&S, Tesco, Asda and other vegan mayo brands compare on taste

Scores dropped off after our two top picks, with other supermarket and vegan brand offerings not quite living up to the mark. Several are still decent options though, especially if you don't want to have to hunt far and wide for an acceptable vegan mayo:

  • M&S Plant Kitchen Vegan Mayo - 70%. Just under three quarters thought it was a convincing substitute for dairy mayonnaise. Its texture didn't match up to higher scorers though, with around a quarter finding it too thin and lacking in creaminess. 66p per 100ml. Available from M&S stores.
  • Heinz Vegan Seriously Good Mayonnaise - 70%. As one of the palest mayos we tested it may not look the part, but it impressed on texture, so it should hold up as a condiment in a burger or wrap. 50p per 100ml. Available from AsdaOcado and Tesco.
  • Morrisons Plant Revolution Mayonnaise - 70%. It's a good choice if texture's important to you, as most of our panel thought it got the thickness and creaminess just right, but not quite as tasty as the top-scorers and a little too pale. 53p per 100ml. Available from Morrisons.
  • The Vurger Co Original Vegan Mayo - 70%. This mayo is pricier than others we tested, but could be worth buying if you find it on offer. It got decent scores across the  board, though some found the texture too thick. £1.23 per 100ml. Available from Ocado.
  • Lucy’s Dressings Vegan Mayonnaise - 68%. The joint-priciest vegan mayo didn't wow our tasters, but it didn't make any major missteps either. 63% thought it was a decent substitute for a dairy-based mayonnaise. £1.46 per 100ml. Available from Ocado.
  • Follow Your Heart Original Veganaise - 68%. It doesn't quite beat supermarkets on price, but it is one of the cheaper branded vegan mayos you can buy. Most tasters found its appearance, taste and texture perfectly fine, though they were a little put off by its smell. 80p per 100ml. Available from Sainsbury's and Tesco.
  • Tesco Plant Chef Vegan Mayonnaise - 65%. Middle-table Tesco is the cheapest vegan mayo in our taste test. It scored OK across the board, except for its texture, with 41% finding it lacking in creaminess. 16p per 100ml. Available from Tesco.
  • Dr Will’s Vegan Mayonnaise - 61%. From here flavour gets noticeably worse - this one was too sharp for many tasters. The texture wasn't too bad, but the majority were put off by its darker colour. £1.25 per 100ml. Available from Ocado.
  • Rubies in the Rubble Plant Based Mayo - 60%. Just over half the panel weren't convinced by Ruby's as a substitute for the real thing. It disappointed in several areas, with many finding the colour too dark, texture too thick and flavour too strong. £1.46 per 100ml. Available from Ocado.
  • Asda Free From Mayonnaise - 53%. More like salad cream than mayonnaise, according to some tasters, with an overly thin texture. Over half disliked the dark colour, but the unappealing flavour also let it down. 30p per 100ml. Available from Asda.

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What is vegan mayo made of?

Vegan mayo with wedges

The core ingredients in dairy mayonnaise are oil and egg, which when beaten together thicken up to make the creamy mayo we know and love.

For vegan mayonnaise the oil part is easy (all the ones we tried use a base of rapeseed oil) but the egg obviously needs replacing. Its binding properties can be replicated with starch (usually potato starch) or aquafaba, which is the thick juice you usually drain out of a chickpea tin.

Other ingredients include vinegar and mustard to keep the sharp, slightly tangy taste.

Is vegan mayo healthy?

On the whole vegan mayo isn't unhealthy in moderation. Some are better than others though. 

All the vegan mayonnaises we tested have fewer calories and less fat and saturated fat than a typical dairy mayonnaise.

One thing you will have to consider though is sugar content. When fat is taken away sugar is often used to substitute the taste. Nearly all the vegan mayonnaises have sugar or sugar-related ingredients high up on their list. The biggest offender is Asda, with 2.9g per 100g, whilst Dr Will's has no added sugar, and just 0.1g.

How we tested vegan mayonnaise

The vegan mayonnaises were tasted and rated in June 2022 by a large panel of consumers who regularly consume these products. 

The make-up of the panel broadly represents the demographic profile of adults in the UK. Each product was assessed by 64 people. 

We tested each vegan mayo with chips. The panellists rated the taste, texture, aroma and appearance of each product and told us what they liked and disliked about each one.  We also asked if they thought each product was a convincing substitute for standard mayo.

The taste test was blind, so the panellists didn’t know which brand they were trying. The order they sampled the vegan mayonnaise was fully rotated to avoid any bias. Each panellist had a private booth so they couldn’t discuss what they were tasting or be influenced by others. 

The overall score is based on: 

  • 50% taste 
  • 20% texture 
  • 20% appearance 
  • 10% aroma

How to recycle vegan mayonnaise bottles

For ease of recyclability, it might be worth avoiding Tesco. The cap isn't recyclable, and it says to 'check locally' for a centre that takes the bottle. All the other vegan mayos can go in your home recycling.

Prices correct as of 15 July 2022