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Which? reveals tastiest chocolate digestives

Best Buy biscuits for a third of McVitie's price


A Which? taste test featuring 100 biscuit eaters finds Best Buy milk chocolate digestives costing a third of the price of the brand leader.

We put chocolate digestive brand leader, McVitie’s, up against its supermarket rivals and found that cheaper chocolate digestive biscuits did nearly as well in our latest taste test.

We asked 100 members of the public, who regularly eat biscuits, to blind taste test the chocolate digestive biscuits in a random order. The taste test was inspired by a survey of 1,000 Which? members to discover their favourite biscuit – the chocolate digestive came first.

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Supermarket chocolate digestives

McVities was the top scorer (73%), but doesn’t get a Best Buy award as the biscuits have been reformulated since our test. In close second place (71%) came Best Buys Lidl Tower Gate, Essential Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Digestives.

And they’re all cheaper than McVitie’s. Lidl’s are 59p per pack – that’s a third of the cost of McVitie’s £1.75.

The Lidl Tower Gate digestives had ‘well-flavoured, rich and milky chocolate’ and a light base with a crispy texture.

If you like a ‘crumbly, wheaty’ base and a good crunch, the Essential Waitrose Chocolate Digestive Biscuits, at £1.10 a packet, might appeal. Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Digestives, £1.10, were praised for having the right balance of chocolate to biscuit.


McVitie’s digestive reformulated

To find out if the new version of McVities chocolate digestives is as good as the old, we put the new ‘even more chocolatey’ digestives head-to-head with the original  in a smaller taste test. 

We found that 19 out of 30 tasters preferred the original.

Other supermarket brands

If you normally shop at Asda or Tesco, you don’t necessarily have to go elsewhere for a teatime treat. Their milk chocolate digestives did well in our taste test, too, at 69%.

Morrisons Milk Chocolate Digestives came bottom (61%). Some tasters criticised the thinness of the chocolate and its lack of creaminess. Morrisons’ chocolate ratio was the stingiest on test at 23%. 

Morrisons has told us it is reformulating its chocolate digestives. 

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