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Privilege car insurance review

Read Which?'s expert review of Privilege car insurance. Find out how we rate Privilege's car insurance policy against 30 other providers.

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Privilege car insurance overview Privilege's car insurance policy: is it good or bad?
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Privilege car insurance overview

Privilege has been providing car and home insurance since 1994. Its policies are underwritten by UK Insurance.

What you need to know about the Privilege car insurance policy:

  • Courtesy car as standard
  • Unlimited cover for glass damage
  • No fault no claims discount benefit for comprehensive cover

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Car Insurance
Privilege review
Overall Which? score
Our total score score combines both the Which? Customer Score, ratings from real customers of the provider, and our expert analysis of the provider's policies. The total score is made up of 50% of the Customer Score and 50% of the car insurance policy score.
Which? customer score
Which?'s rating for customer satisfaction, based on feedback from real customers. The score is made up of a customer's overall satisfaction with the brand, and how likely they are to recommend that brand.
Policy score
Which?'s rating of the quality of this company's car insurance policy. We analysed 58 features of its cover to calculate the policy score.
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Privilege's car insurance policy: is it good or bad?

We analyse and rate the 58 most important elements of standard car insurance policies to come up with the overall policy score. We assess how important each individual element is to drivers when choosing and using a car insurance policy, and weight it accordingly when calculating our total policy score. 

Initially, we score all of the product elements out of five, reflecting how competitive each provider is in this area compared with other insurers. Weightings are then applied to the higher and lower element scores to enhance/reduce their impact in the overall product score.

Table last updated in January 2019. Next updated in January 2020.

Policy element Rating Details
Interest charged on payment by instalments (APR)

2 out of 5

No fault no claims discount (NCD) benefit?

5 out of 5

Uninsured driver NCD benefit?

5 out of 5

Renewal fee Logged out padlock No fee
NCD protection claims (number per year) Logged out padlock 2 claims in 3 years
Theft of keys limit Logged out padlock Market value
Fire excess (standard compulsory) Logged out padlock £150
Theft excess (standard compulsory) Logged out padlock £150
Accidental damage excess (standard compulsory) Logged out padlock £100

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