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Best car insurance providers revealed

Home insurance policies also rated in new survey


Our survey results reveal which insurance companies have the most satisfied customers 

Considering shopping for a new insurer? See our customer satisfaction tables to find out which companies make the grade.

We surveyed thousands of insurance customers to find out how satisfied they were with their car and home insurance providers.  

Our insurance experts then scrutinised the key areas of the cover provided to create a policy score. This includes personal belongings limits, renewal fees, interest rates charged for paying monthly and administration fees.

In order to be named Which? Recommend Providers, insurers have to receive an average or above policy score and a customer score of 70% or above, as well as meeting other criteria. 

Which car insurance companies make the cut? 

We surveyed 4,312 car insurance customers as part of our latest customer satisfaction survey. Of the 31 companies rated, six made the cut as Which? Recommended Providers (WRPs) – offering both dependable cover and achieving a great customer score. This includes two new WRPs.

Best home insurance companies revealed

For home insurance, we scrutinised the standard contents insurance and buildings insurance policies of 31 providers, reviewing 58 areas of each company’s standard buildings and contents cover. This analysis was combined with feedback from 4,747 policyholders.  

How to find a great insurance deal 

Over the past year, premiums for both car and home insurance have risen sharply. With the impending increase in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) arriving in June, many policyholders could be forgivably anxious to receive their renewal quote. 

Follow our three top tips to get the cheapest price for your car and home insurance: 

1. Start with a comparison site 

Use a comparison site to find several quotes quickly and easily. Remember to check the details of the policies you are interested in to make sure they cover everything you need. 

2. Avoid auto-renewal 

Insurers reserve the best deals for new customers, rather than existing customers who are auto-renewing. Never allow your policy to roll into another year without shopping around for a lower premium. 

3. Haggle 

Even if you want to stay with your current provider, getting quotes from competitors can be a great way of scoring a better deal. Once you’ve found a cheaper rate you can use this as a platform to haggle.

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