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Ask an expert: ‘Can I get car insurance protection against uninsured drivers?’

Not all car insurance companies cover you if you're hit by an uninsured driver

Ask an expert: ‘Can I get car insurance protection against uninsured drivers?’

Every week, Which?’s money experts answer your financial queries. You can submit your questions to money-letters@which.co.uk, or via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Q. I was previously involved in a car accident with an uninsured driver. As a result, I am now looking for a comprehensive car insurance policy that includes an uninsured driver promise, so that, in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver that isn’t my fault, I won’t lose my no-claims discount.

I was told that my current insurer, Age UK, doesn’t offer this. Who would you recommend?

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A. This case highlights why it’s important to scrutinise what your policy offers when shopping around for car insurance, rather than blindly settling for the lowest premium.

Driving without at least third party car insurance is against the law. Doing so can have serious consequences – from a £300 penalty and six points on your license, to your car being seized or destroyed.

According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), which provides compensation to victims of uninsured drivers. It told us that the estimated total number of uninsured drivers on British roads is around 1m, although this is down from 2m in 2005.

The MIB says that ‘this figure is still too high and is a burden on all honest motorists.’

The MIB, which was set up in 1946 and is funded through a levy on insurers (meaning you pay for it through your premiums) is a safety net for people who have been in an accident for uninsured or untraceable drivers and don’t have comprehensive insurance.

What is an uninsured driver ‘promise’

When you have an accident, it’s usually the insurance company of the driver that was at fault that pays for claims and repairs. Of course, if someone is uninsured and they were at fault, there’s no insurer to meet that cost.

You may have to pay an excess to make a claim on your cover and lose your no claims bonus.

As part of our car insurance reviews, our experts scrutinised the key aspects of 31 insurers’ standard comprehensive policies to produce a Which? policy score. We also surveyed thousands of policyholders to see which insurers were rated best for customer service.

Many car insurers, including all of our Which? Recommended Providers, offer an uninsured driver promise on their comprehensive policies.

This ensures that any excess you have to pay out for a claim is reimbursed, and that your no-claims bonus remains in tact.

We checked your Age UK policy and discovered it actually includes protection against a non-fault accident with an uninsured driver, despite what you had been told.

After shopping around for alternative insurance, you decided to stay with Age UK, as it let you pay in instalments without an extra charge and was also at least £50 cheaper than the other companies you contacted.

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