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Should you buy bundled home and car insurance?

Admiral offers discount for customers who buy two insurance products

Admiral is offering discounts to customers who buy their car insurance and home insurance in a bundle.

Which? ran a quote through Admiral's website and found that a bundled car and home insurance product was7.6% cheaper than buying the two products separately.

But does that make it the best product for you? Here, we explore the pros and cons of bundled insurance, and whether buying cover this way offers the best solution.

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Are bundled insurance products always cheapest?

Admiral's multi-buy car and home insurance is actually two separate policies. If you make a claim on one product, it won't affect how much you pay for the other.

Still, while a 7.6% discount on your insurance isn't to be sniffed at, it doesn't necessarily mean that Admiral offers the best-value product on the market.

You should still enter your details into a few price comparison websites to check whether two standalone products are available for a better price.

We searched for quotes using comparethemarket.com with the same details and found two standalone car and home insurance products of a similar quality that would cost 25% less than Admiral's multi-buy deal.

Furthermore, Admiral performs poorly compared to other insurers in our customer satisfaction and policy reviews, scoring just 58% for car insurance, and 60% for home insurance in our tests. The best providers score 83% and 75% and for car and home insurance, respectively.

The cheapest insurance deal for you will depend on your personal circumstances.

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Renewing your premium

Regardless of whether you bundle your car and home insurance, always shop around for the best-value product every year, before your insurance comes up for renewal.

Insurers typically reserve the best deals for new customers, so switch or haggle with your current provider, rather than letting your current deal auto-renew.

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Should you always go with the cheapest premium?

Price comparison sites can help you search for quotes from hundreds of insurers in just a few minutes, so it's easiest to find the cheapest premium.

The cheapest product might not necessarily the best one for you though. Always check whether what fees and add-ons are included with the product and the customer service compares to competitors.

Our insurance claims satisfaction tables reveal which insurers offer customers the best experience when it comes to making a claim. Click the links to see our car insurance and home insurance satisfaction tables.