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Black Friday Deals

Best Black Friday coffee machines, vacuums and other home products

By Ellie Simmonds

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Best Black Friday coffee machines, vacuums and other home products

We round up the popular kitchen and home appliances that are rarely discounted, so if you spot one of these on Black Friday, you know you're getting a good deal.

Not all the Black Friday deals you see will be truly good value, as some products are often on sale throughout the year. The key to finding a genuine bargain is knowing how to separate the deals from the duds - and we can help with that.

We keep a constant eye on what's in the shops throughout the year and how much retailers charge, so we know which kitchen and home products aren't usually on sale. We've listed these lesser-spotted bargains below.

But before you part with any money, make sure the product is right for you. It's no use getting money off in a Black Friday deal if you could actually save even more cash by choosing something cheaper that does the job just as well.

Black Friday deals to look out for

Vacuum cleaners to look out for

Miele Complete C3 Powerline Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner, usual price £200

We don't notice many variations in price with Miele vacuum cleaners, and this popular, pet-friendly model is no exception. It's hovered around £200 for the last six months or so – if you spot it for less, it’s likely to be a good deal.

Whether you're holding out for that elusive discount or not, if you're considering buying this cylinder vacuum, you'll want to know how good it is. As its name suggests, it's designed to help pet owners clear up after their four-legged friends. Plus, this new version complies with the new power regulations that were introduced in September 2017.

Our full Miele Complete C3 Powerline Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner review tells you how well it sucks up pet hair, whether it's better on some surfaces than others and much more.

Henry Cordless HVB160, usual price £299

If you want the only bagged cordless vacuum around, keep an eye out for Numatic's cordless Henry vacuum over the Black Friday weekend. The price hasn’t really fluctuated since it launched early in 2017, so we’re holding out for a discount in the winter sales period. 

It may no longer have a cord, but otherwise it looks identical to the classic Henry model, so may well appeal to anyone with a soft spot for the iconic design. This version is pricier than standard Henry vacuums, though, so to decide whether it’s worth forking out for the cordless model, check out our Henry Cordless HVB160 review.

Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner, usual price £370-£430

If you’ve got your eye on the top-of-the-range Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t tend to drop below £370. So if you spot it for less than this, it’s a good deal. But is it your best option? It’s worth checking our reviews to see how other Dyson cordless models do, as there are a number of options to choose from, and it’s likely there’ll be deals on various ones in the lead up to Christmas. 

Be warned though, we’ve seen prices climbing on cordless Dyson vacs in October 2017, some jumping by as much as £150, so the deal you see might not be as amazing as it looks. As a very rough rule of thumb, you shouldn’t need to pay more than £400 for the V8 range, more than £350 for the V7 range, or more than £250 for a V6 model.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, check out our round-ups to help you make your Black Friday shortlist:

  • Top five best car vacuum cleaners
  • Top five best lightweight vacuum cleaners

Coffee machines to look out for

Nespresso coffee machines

If you’re keen to get your hands on one of the new premium Nespresso launches of 2017, the Creatista is one to watch out for. It launched at £350, and has now stabilised around £300, and isn’t on sale very often, so if you spot it for anything less than this, it’s a good price.

For extra features, keep an eye out for the Creatista Plus, which has more milk frothing settings and claims to produce up to 11 different milk textures so that you can get the perfect foam for your drink. It’s meant to be pricier than the standard model, and averages around £350, but we’ve seen it drop below the price of the Creatista on occasion, so you might well see it on offer in a Black Friday sale.

For lower budgets, the Nespresso Vertuo is brand new to the market. Its redesigned system uses centrifugal force to extract coffee, which is supposed to produce better long coffees. It’s priced at £199, and this has remained standard across retailers, but as competition heats up in the run up to Christmas you may see it for less. If you’re keen on the new machine, look out for prices under £190.

If you want to buy a Nespresso machine, but aren’t sure which model to choose, make sure you check out our Nespresso reviews.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Plus, usual price £99

The compact Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Plus capsule machine, which comes with a milk frother, launched in June 2017, and we’ve rarely seen it change price. If that’s the model you want, and you see it for less than £100, it’s a good deal. Oozing Italian style, it's available in two colour finishes - gunmetal grey or silver. 

Watch out though as its sister version, the Jolie, comes without a milk frother and jumps around a lot in price. For this model, £49 or less is a good deal, but be sure you pick up the one you need. Compare them in our Lavazza coffee machine reviews.

Juicers and blenders to look out for

Vitamix S30 personal blender, usual price £300

This super-premium blender is pitched as a rival to the more well-known Nutribullet, but it's rarely on offer so be alert if it pops up in a Black Friday deal.

It comes with a compact 1.2-litre jug and two travel cups that the machine blends straight into. Vitamix claims it can tackle anything from smoothies to instant ice cream, even making hot soup from scratch. The cups are insulated so your smoothies stay chilled on the go. It also comes with an impressive seven-year full warranty.

If you spot this blender for less than £290 it's worth considering - see our Vitamix S30 review to find out everything you need to know about this blender.

However, even on discount this would be a pricey option, and we’ve found some cheaper blenders that do a better job, so check our blender reviews before you put together your Black Friday shortlist.

Sage Nutri Juicer Pro, usual price £270

This powerful model from Sage has remained consistently above £270 this year. If you see it for less than £250 in the sales, it’s a good offer. As well as having a huge 1,500W motor and stainless-steel construction, the Nutri Juicer Pro includes a useful attachment for juicing soft fruit, and has five speed settings - more than its competitors.

If a heavy-duty juicer is on your Black Friday wish list, it’s worth reading through our juicer reviews, as you may find that a cheaper model would actually suit you better.

Sage’s lower-spec version, the Nutri Juicer, is usually £110-130 and we haven’t seen it drop below £110 for months, so if you spot it for less than this it’s worth snapping up.

Nutribullet 1200 blender, usual price £130

The price of this blender from perennially popular brand Nutribullet has remained stubbornly stable over the last year. If you see one for under £120, you’re getting a good deal. 

With a 1200W motor it's the brand's most powerful model yet, and it comes with a hands-free feature to automatically control speed. But is the 1200 the best Nutribullet model? Check our Nutribullet reviews to see if you may be better off with a cheaper version.

Stand mixers to look out for

KitchenAid KSM175/KSM125 stand mixers, usual price £500-550/£400-450

If you’re a Bake Off fan after a coveted KitchenAid mixer, Black Friday could be the time to find a bargain. These high-end models rarely drop below the price thresholds above, so if you do spot them for less, you’re getting a better deal than normal. 

The new versions come with plenty of attachments and 10 mixing speeds, and the KSM175 comes with an extra mixing bowl and a flex edge beater. However, if you’re not set on having the latest version, you may be able to get a good deal on the older KitchenAid KSM150 mixer instead – it’s got largely similar specs to the KSM125 and usually costs around £340, depending on the colour option. Just before Black Friday last year, we saw some colours available for just under £300, so keep your eyes peeled.  

To find out which model performs best in our tests, check our KitchenAid mixer reviews.

Kenwood kMix KMX754 stand mixer, usual price £350-£400

The newest version of the classic kMix stand mixer comes with a smart speed control that allows you to start mixing slowly and gradually increase speed to avoid spraying flour over your worktop. It cost around £400 when it was first launched, but now is typically around £350. If you spot it in the sales for less than £300 you’re doing well. 

As with the KitchenAids above, a slightly older Kenwood model, the KMX50, is still hanging around – this one hovers below £200, with prices changing depending on the colour you want and whether you opt for a metal or glass bowl. Anything under £180 is a pretty decent price.

We’ve tested both models, so if you’re weighing up your options, make sure you visit our Kenwood stand mixer reviews.

Sage The Bakery Boss stand mixer, usual price £330-£350

This high-spec, heavy-duty stand mixer has some nifty features, including a spotlight that shines over the bowl so that you can see what you’re doing. It’s rarely discounted below £330, so if you see one for less than £300, it’s good value. 

But which stand mixers are worth the spend? To see which models aced our tests, check out our list of Best Buy stand mixers before making your final decision.

Other kitchen appliances to look out for

Smeg KLF01 kettle and 4-slice toaster, usual price £80-100 (kettle), £115 (toaster)

These retro-style gadgets have been popular ever since Smeg launched its small appliance range, but the pricey models are rarely on sale. This year, the kettle has been superseded by a newer model, so you might be in for a Black Friday bargain. See if you can find the kettle for less than £80, and the toaster for £100 or less. 

The price of the two-slice toaster has been slowly dropping this year, so you shouldn’t need to pay more than £80 for it over the sales season.

These models may be covetable purely for their stylish form, but does their performance live up to their hefty price tags? Check out our kettle and toaster reviews to find out.

Morphy Richards Total Control Soup Maker – usual price £90-£110

If you’re a regular soup maker, or looking for a Christmas gift, the Total Control soup maker from Morphy Richards could be a good option. 

It’s the brand’s most premium model and has plenty of bells and whistles, but it’s also much pricier than its rivals. While other Morphy Richards appliances can often be found on special offer, we rarely see this one dropping in price. If you find it for less than £90, it’s a good deal. 

Head to our soup maker reviews to find out how it compares before you pick one up.

Panasonic NWSF46MBPQ microwave,  usual price £135-150

This flatbed microwave has more space than some of its rivals, thanks to its turntable-free design, which makes it easier to fit in a variety of dishes. 

The last time the price dropped significantly was around December 2016 and January 2017, so it may well see similar dips again this year. If you spot it for less than £135 you’re on to a winner. 

Check out our microwave reviews to find out how it performed in our tests.

Grooming products to look out for

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, usual price £300

This pricey hair dryer is rarely discounted, so if you see it for less than £300, you know you're getting a genuinely good deal.

Dyson says that the Supersonic's motor works eight times faster than other hair dryer motors and is half the weight, and that its 'intelligent heat control' helps prevent extreme heat damage to hair. 

Take a look at our full Dyson Supersonic hair dryer review to find out if it lives up to these big claims.