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Best deals on fitness trackers and smartwatches for Cyber Monday 2019

We've rounded up the biggest Cyber Monday discounts on wearables, including the Fitbit Charge 3 and Versa, Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro and Apple Watch

Best deals on fitness trackers and smartwatches for Cyber Monday 2019

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, and you missed the Black Friday sales, there are still plenty to choose from this Cyber Monday. 

Here, we bring you our expert pick of the deals that really are worth a look to save you trawling through website after website.

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Apple Watch Series 4 40mm – was £329, now £299 (9% off)

We liked: There are many, many features to love here, and it looks beautiful

We didn’t like: The battery life is still short – tying you into charging it nightly

If you’re after an Apple Watch but can’t afford a full-price Series 5, an older model may seem very tempting. While the Series 3 didn’t represent much of an update on the Series 2, the Series 4 was a significant redesign on the Series 3, now with a larger display, new watchOS 5 software, an improved speaker, and, famously, fall-detection and the ability to take ECGs.

The Space Grey with black silicone sports band version is now discounted to £299 on Currys (was £399 in many retailers before, and £329 from Currys). Although you could save over £100 more by going for the Series 3. Prices relate to the GPS versions – you’ll need to pay extra for cellular connectivity.

Read our full Apple Watch Series 4 review or buy it now from Currys.

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 38mm – was £199, now £189 (5% off)

We liked: When it comes to smart features, there’s really not much it can’t do

We didn’t like: It’s not worth upgrading if you already own the Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS is the cheaper and more basic of the two third-generation Apple Watches: it has in-built GPS, but no cellular connectivity. 

Despite being superceded by the Series 4 and Series 5, it’s still a great smartwatch: both feature-packed and fashionable. 

It’s currently on sale from Argos for £189 – a saving of £10 on the normal Argos price of £199. That might not sound like much of a discount, but the price hasn’t dropped below £199 in months. Just bear in mind that you’ll need an iPhone to use it. 

This is the 38mm version; there’s also one in 42mm if you have larger wrists, and this is being sold by Argos for £219. 

Read our full Apple Watch Series 3 review or buy it now from Argos.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT – was £299.99, now £199.99 (43% off)

We liked: It’s crammed with fitness features, including accurate GPS tracking

We didn’t like: The heart-rate monitor on the underside of the watch can dig into your wrist slightly

This is an advanced running watch from Garmin’s Forerunner running range that offers a wealth of information, presented in useful charts, graphs and maps, from the accompanying smartphone app, which you can examine to understand trends in your fitness over time. 

It’s a multi-sport watch as much as a running watch, though: swimmers will get data such as stroke rate and total strokes per length. And it has a triathlon function. 

Sadly you’ve missed the 50% off Black Friday sale on Amazon. But Amazon still has it discounted by an impressive 43% for Cyber Monday.

Read our full Garmin Forerunner 735XT review or buy it now from Amazon

Fitbit Charge 3 – was £129.99, now £79.99 (38% off)

We liked: Packed with features, and has a large screen for a fitness tracker.

We didn’t like: There’s no built-in GPS.

An advanced fitness tracker that offers a built-in heart-rate monitor, VO2 max estimates, sleep tracking, 15 exercise modes for different sports, guided breathing for when you’re stressed out, period tracking and more. It’s waterproof for swimming, unlike earlier Charge models.

There’s no built-in GPS – which is a bit disappointing – so you’ll still need your smartphone to hand if you want it to track your run.

Special edition models offer contactless payments through Fitbit Pay – just check your bank is compatible.

It’s currently reduced by 38% on Amazon, making it one of the best Black Friday wearables deals we’ve seen so far.

Read our full Fitbit Charge 3 review or buy it now on Amazon

Fitbit Versa – was £200, now £127.99 (36% off)

We liked: It’s a good alternative to the Apple Watch if you’re not an iPhone user.

We didn’t like: There’s no built-in GPS, so you’ll need your phone to track your run.

The Versa can do many things, from the basics, like tracking steps, to the more advanced, like detecting sleep apnoea through an SpO2 sensor, period tracking and storing music on the watch for phone-free listening. It’s a good choice if you want the best of both a fitness tracker and smartwatch – or if you like the rounded square design of the Apple Watch, but aren’t keen to pay the price of an Apple.

The lack of built-in GPS was our main niggle with this watch, but it’s worth considering if that doesn’t bother you.

It’s currently reduced to £127.00 on Amazon.

Read our full Fitbit Versa review or buy it now on Amazon

Mobvoi Ticwatch  Pro – was £214.99, now £142.97 (33% off)

We liked: It has a permanent time display, so would suit those wanting a traditional-looking watch with added smarts

We didn’t like: It’s on the heavy side, so not ideal for wrists that are easily tired

The Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro is an attractive watch, which would look equally good with office or gymwear. It has a decent range of smart features (including Google Assistant and NFC for contactless payments, assuming your bank is compatible) and features for tracking health and fitness (including heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS).

Somewhat bizarrely, there are two screens – one on top of the other (although you’ll only ever see one at a time). One is a colour touchscreen, which displays time with minute and hour hands, like a traditional watch does, and the other transparent display gets used when the watch goes into battery saving mode.

This innovation comes at a price – it’s bulkier and less comfortable than some we’ve tested. If you want to give it a try, it’s currently reduced by to £143 on Amazon and £144 on the Mobvoi website.

Read our full Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro review, or buy it now on Amazon or direct from Mobvoi

Suunto 9 GPS Watch – was £318.18, now £249.49 (21.5% off)

We liked: Tons of fitness data with support for more than 80 activities.

We didn’t like: Missing some key smart functionality – such as wi-fi, calling and apps.

To call this a versatile wearable would be an understatement – we described it as a ‘smartwatch that Indiana Jones might have worn’. It’s chunky, but if you’re looking for something that can handle the great outdoors, this could be just the ticket.

Packed with features, including more than 80 sports modes, it was initially on sale for close to £500. Amazon now has it discounted to less than half that.

Read our full Suunto 9 review, or buy it now on Amazon.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music – was £274.99, now £199.99 (27% off)

We liked: It’s packed with fitness features and will give you advanced running metrics and performance analysis

We didn’t like: It doesn’t have especially sophisticated smart features – so definitely only consider it if you’re a keen athlete looking for a training aid

The 645 Music is a GPS smartwatch from Garmin’s Forerunner range, aimed, as you can tell from the name, at runners. It offers in-depth running data to help you improve your running style, plus heart-rate monitoring, VO2 max estimates, sleep-tracking and pre-loaded tracking modes for plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, paddleboarding, snowboarding, elliptical training and yoga. It doesn’t have the golf-tacking which a number of other Garmins do. 

It’s more or less the same as the Garmin Forerunner 645, but with music storage for 500 songs, which you can listen to while out running via Bluetooth headphones. 

It’s currently reduced by more than 27% on Argos.

Read our full Garmin Forerunner 645 Music review or or buy it now from Argos

Huawei Band 3e – was £24.99, now £19.99 (20% off)

We liked: Runners will get detailed running data, when this device is worn in footwear mode

We didn’t like: The screen looks cheap: it’s small, monochrome, low definition and very glossy in bright sunlight.

This is quite a niche device. You won’t get much from it strapped to your wrist other than calorie counting, step counting, sleep-tracking and some rudimentary smart features. But, once you’ve popped it out of the wristband and clipped it onto your shoe, you’ll get a good set of running metrics, including foot strike pattern, average swing angle and ground contact time, and advice on how to improve your posture and positioning.

There’s no built-in GPS or heart-rate monitoring, though, which seem odd omissions in a running tracker.

If you’re already an enthusiastic runner, and you’re not sure if you want a fitness tracker, this could be a good taster tracker to start with. If you’re already into tracking your runs, or you usually do a different kind of sport, this one isn’t for you.

Read our full Huawei Band 3e review, or buy it now from Amazon or Argos.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 – was £159, now £129 (19% off)

We liked: It’s comfortable to wear and has a huge number of health and fitness features

We didn’t like:  Honestly, there’s very little to complain about with this GPS smartwatch

This versatile smartwatch can handle a range of sporting activities: it has built-in GPS for phone-free run-tracking, it’s waterproof for swimming, it has a heart-rate monitor, it has 15 preloaded sports apps (including strength training, yoga, golf and skiing) and offers stress-monitoring and VO2 max estimates.

If your bank is compatible, you can also use it for payments via NFC.

It’s now been superceded by the Vivoactive 4, so it’s already dropped in price since it was first released. And now it’s dropped even more at Currys and Amazon for Cyber Monday.

Read our full Garmin Vivoactive 3 review or or buy it now from Currys or Amazon

Huawei Band 4 – was £39.99, now £34.49 (14% off)

We liked: It comes with decent fitness features for the cheap price – even when it isn’t discounted

We didn’t like: There’s no built-in GPS, so you’ll need your phone with you to track your run

The Huawei Band 4 was already a cheap wearable: typically priced at just £39.99. For that, you’ll get some nice features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking – and the ability to detect common sleep problems, VO2max predictions (an estimation of how efficiently your body is using oxygen) and water resistance, on top of all the basics. 

It’s a fairly generic-looking tracker, its smart features are fairly rudimentary and – our biggest complaint with this tracker – there’s no built-in GPS. But, if you’re not looking for total freedom from your smartphone, this might be just the ticket. 

It’s currently reduced to £34.49 on Amazon – not quite as cheap as it was on Black Friday (£29.99) but still less than normal. 

Buy the Huawei Band 4 now on Amazon

Huawei Watch GT – was £126, now £109.99 (13% off)

We liked: It has a great touchscreen – large, very responsive and high resolution.

We didn’t like: Its smart features are a bit basic.

Sporty types will appreciate the range of features it comes with: tracking modes for common exercises, a heart-rate monitor, an altimeter, swim tracking and predictions of VO2 max (your body’s ability of consume oxygen, and, by extension, your aerobic endurance) for starters.

It has specific swimming modes for freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and other strokes, which we liked. You’ll need to pay extra for a swimproof strap, though.

Read our full Huawei Watch GT review or buy it now on Amazon

Garmin Fenix 5s Plus – was £479, now £400 (17% off)

We liked: Ideal for intrepid, outdoorsy types.

We didn’t like: There’s no touchscreen, which might deter some.

A multisport watch that comes in three sizes – Fenix 5s Plus, the Fenix 5 Plus and the Fenix 5X Plus. We tried the smallest size, the 5s Plus, and even this was big and striking – although also lightweight and comfortable.

For runners who love to leave the beaten track, it offers trail running profiles, preloaded colour maps and three forms of location tracking.

It’s discounted by £79 at John Lewis. Even at this price, we still think that for many people it’s not worth paying so much for all these features – though dedicated climbers, hikers, swimmers and golfers might want to snap it up.

Read our full Garmin Fenix 5s Plus review or buy it now from John Lewis

Michael Kors Access Runway – was £364, now £189 (48% off)

We liked: It’s stylish and you can customise it according to your ‘look’.

We didn’t like: The build quality looks cheaper up close than from afar.

There are plenty of variations, and prices differ depending on the strap you choose, but we think this gold-tone steel and white silicone version is a bit of a bargain with 48% off.

A fashionably-oversized watch with a traditional watch face, it looks good with bracelets stacked around it. Be prepared to take it to a jeweller’s to have the strap professionally adjusted if you buy a linked metal bracelet, though.

It has plenty of smart features, including contactless payments and Google Assistant. It also has some fitness features, such as GPS and waterproofing – but you can see the design isn’t aimed at people looking for a workout tool.

Read our full Michael Kors Access Runway product review, or buy it now on Amazon.  

We’ll update this story as more deals emerge. In the meantime, check out all our smartwatch reviews and fitness tracker reviews to see the best, worst and everything in between.

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