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Bosch, Beko or Hoover? Which is the best washing machine brand to buy in the January sales?

Find out how much you should expect to pay, what you'll get for your money and things to look out for

Bosch, Beko or Hoover? Which is the best washing machine brand to buy in the January sales?

Find out how much you should be paying in the January sales for a washing machine from popular brands Bosch, Beko and Hoover and discover the differences between the most and least reliable washing machine brands. 

Compare models in our washing machine reviews.

How much should you pay for a Bosch washing machine?

£450 is the average price for Bosch washing machine but you can pay much less than this for a pretty similar machine from the brand.

Bosch machines, such as the now three year old Bosch WAN24100GB, start at around £300 so when the sales come, keep this price in mind.

You won’t get an all-singing and all-dancing Bosch for £300 and you’ll miss out on its auto dosing and smart machines at this price. But, if you can live without neat tech on wash day, you should be able to bring home a Bosch bargain.

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Bosch washing machine features to look for

Bosch makes the process of taking control of your wash very easy across its entire range of latest washing machines. From speeding up a wash, to washing with less energy or using more water to wash away detergent, all you need to do is touch a button. Bosch calls this VarioPerfect and it allows you to dramatically change what happens with your washing.

So, if you’re keen to save an hour or two, hit the speed perfect button. If you prefer to save energy rather than time, then go for eco perfect. And if you’re a stickler for rinsing away all signs of detergent, choose the aqua plus button.

We also like the two-year warranty which is commonly found on Bosch machines.

Things to watch out for when buying a Bosch

With Bosch washing machines ranging in price from £300 all the way up to the Bosch WAX32GH1GB at £999, when you’re in the shop, it’s hard to judge whether trading up to a pricier machine is really worthwhile. And when it comes to domestic appliances, it’s rare to see a brand’s most expensive machine selling for more than three times the price of its cheapest.

So, making sure you only pay for what you need matters most with a brand like this. If you just need a machine to wash and you don’t much care about your machine being smart or dispensing its own detergent, and if Bosch is the brand for you, look down when it comes to price rather than up.

But if you want to bolt on extra features to make wash-day smarter all-round, don’t expect to find the machine of your dreams for £300.

To find out whether the washing machine you’ve found in the sales is a keeper, check out our top five cheap washing machines guide.

Which? verdict on Bosch washing machines

Bosch machines feel designed to put washing machine owners in charge of what happens on wash day – we really like how easy Bosch has made it to tailor your wash to what matters to you and your life.

Before you head to the shops, check out the top five best Bosch washing machines.

How much should you pay for a Hoover washing machine?

£350 is about the average price for a Hoover washing machine from those we’ve tested but you’ll find the cheapest Hoover machines for around £100 less, such as the Hoover DHL1482DR3R (£250).

You’ll also find much more expensive machines, including the top of the range Hoover AXI AWMPD413LH7B-80, which will set you back more than £600 but can be controlled with your voice.

Read about how reliable Hoover washing machines are.

Hoover washing machine features to look for

Hoover has created a reputation for the roomy and extra large drum capacities you’ll find on many of its washing machines. So, it’s a brand to consider if you regularly have mountains of washing to get through.

Hoover was also the first washing machine brand to launch a smart machine and it continues to provide tech heavy smart machines without forcing customers to pay a premium for this.

Our tests show that its machines do better than many when it comes to saving energy while washing.

Things to watch out for when buying a Hoover

Asking Alexa to play your Christmas playlist is one thing, but talking to your washing machine feels a bit gimmicky right now and you pay a high price just to be able to chat to your Hoover.

Which? verdict on Hoover washing machines

You get a lot of machine for your money when you buy a Hoover washing machine and for a busy home when every day is wash day, it’s a brand to consider if your budget is tight.

Before you buy, head straight to our Hoover washing machine reviews to find out more about the Hoover you’re interested in.

How much should you pay for a Beko washing machine?

We currently have reviews for more than 30 Beko washing machines. The average price of those we’ve tested is around £250, such as the Beko WTB1041R4W, placing this washing machine brand firmly at the affordable end of the market.

During the sales, with heavy discounts likely to be in place, if you’re in the market for a Beko, keep that average price in mind. Look for things like a roomy drum and a 1,400 rpm spin or higher. A very cheap ticket price might lead to you ending up with a Beko with a small drum and low spin speed.

Beko washing machine features to look for

Beko washing machines stand out from the crowd thanks to how quickly its machines wash a full load of clothes.

By cutting a few wash day corners, a Beko can wash a full load in less than half an hour.

This neat and time-saving feature could really appeal to those of you who just can’t wait three hours or more for the washing to be done.

You’ll find this time-saving feature across many machines in Beko’s range.

Things to watch out for when buying a Beko

Smart tech is thinner on the ground with Beko washing machines than with some other brands. A clutch of newer Bekos, released in the last year come with smart as standard.

Which? verdict on Beko washing machines

Affordability and time-saving is how we’d sum up Beko washing machines. But during our tests, wash performance has been variable. So, compare our Beko washing machine reviews before parting with your cash to find out how well the Beko you’re interested in washes clothes.

How reliable is your washing machine?

We surveyed more than 4,000 washing machine owners in autumn 2019 to find out which brands of washing machine are the most reliable.

Our research shows a gulf between the most and least reliable washing machine brands in terms of their expected lifetime.

To find out more about the reliability record of 14 top washing machine brands including AEG, Beko, Bosch, Hotoint, Indesit, LG, Samsung, Miele and Zanussi, check out our most reliable washing machine brands guide.

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