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7 Jun 2021

Cheap kitchen appliances: deck out your kitchen for less than a grand

Some white goods can cost well over £1,000 on their own, but these Which?-tested cheap kitchen appliances could save you a fortune
Bargain home appliances kitchen

Which? lab tests show that buying kitchen appliances doesn't have to cost the earth. Our experts reveal seven cheap kitchen appliances you can buy together for only £955, getting you a great deal for your money. Find out what these products are and click to our reviews to see exactly how each performs.

It's hardly earth-shattering news if the latest pricey Miele appliance does well in Which? professional tests, but what really gets our researchers excited is when low-cost underdog products offer good value for money.

That's why we asked our team to give their expert insights on some of the cheap kitchen appliances available right now.

Not all these products are equally good however, so be sure to check our full reviews through the links below for the pros and cons of each appliance, and how they performed in our lab tests.

Fridge freezer deals - our experts reveal how to get a great deal on one of the most pricey kitchen appliances.

Samsung RB31FDRNDSA fridge freezer
£399 from Crampton & Moore's eBay shop

Samsung RB31FDRNDSA fridge freezer
  • We like: runs more quietly than most
  • We didn't like: can be awkward to clean

The fridge freezer is the centrepiece and most-used appliance in your kitchen, and so it's important to buy well. There's also running costs to consider, and a fridge freezer that's not a frustration to fit your weekly shopping in is worth its weight in gold.

This Samsung model has separate fridge and freezer cooling systems, which can help fresh groceries like fruit and veg last longer by keeping humidity levels higher in the fridge.

When you can buy a fridge freezer for as little as £200, find out if this fridge freezer offers genuine value for money in our Samsung RB31FDRNDSA fridge freezer review.

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Currys Essentials CDW60W20 dishwasher
£200 from Currys

Currys Essentials CDW60W20 dishwasher
  • We like: has a child lock
  • We didn't like: some of the control panel symbols are confusing

When a typical Miele dishwasher will set you back well over a grand on its own, you'd certainly would feel smug if this cheap kitchen appliance came anywhere close.

In fact, it's the second-cheapest dishwasher we've tested. It has room for 12 place settings and six wash programmes.

Dishwashers needs to be great at cleaning, drying and leaving no water marks. The best models will also be quiet, easy to use and cheap to run.

See how this model stacks up in our Currys Essentials CDW60W20 dishwasher review.

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Beko AeroPerfect BBXIF22100S built-in oven
£199 from Currys

Beko AeroPerfect BBXIF22100S build-in oven
  • We like: comes with two wire shelves and a large pan
  • We didn't like: condensation can build up on the viewing window when grilling

A great oven needs to excel at the basics of cooking and grilling, be easy to use and not a nightmare to clean. To save on running costs, you'll want an energy-efficient model too - in our reviews, we label the models that excel in this area as Eco Buys.

This Beko is a single built-in electric fan oven, and comes with a large pan that can be used either for roasting, or on the metal grid for grilling.

Many ovens cost double this price or more, so how does this Beko stack up? Our experts put it through its paces in our Beko AeroPerfect BBXIF22100S oven review.

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Ikea Tillreda microwave oven
£49 from Ikea

Ikea Tillreda microwave oven
  • We like: low-maintenance
  • We didn't like: no special cooking programs

If all you do with your microwave is heat, defrost and stream, why pay more? This no-frills Ikea model is one of the cheapest microwaves we've tested.

There couldn't be fewer controls: there are just two dials to control time and power, and a button to release the door.

Being so simple, is there a catch? Or is this Ikea model a dream for fuss-free blasting? Our expert tests reveal all the details in our Ikea Tillreda microwave oven review.

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Russell Hobbs Texture 21270 kettle
£15 from AO

Russell Hobbs Texture 21270 kettle
  • We like: lightweight
  • We didn't like: dirt can collect in outside crannies

Not all kettles are build equal - the best will be fast and quiet, with excellent limescale filters.

This plastic Russell Hobbs kettle has a 1.7l capacity, comes in black or white, and only weighs just over half a kilo.

Can you really get a great kettle for only £15? See how this model did in our Russell Hobbs Texture 21270 kettle review.

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Russell Hobbs 2 Slice 24081 toaster
£25 from Argos

Russell Hobbs 2 Slice 24081 toaster
  • We like: defrost and reheat options
  • We didn't like: it's not a four-slice model

Not only does this low-cost toaster have a sleek stainless-steel body, it's remarkably feature-packed. It has a lift-and-look function for precision browning, defrost/reheat options and even an extra-lift lever for retrieving small items.

It's the Rolls-Royce of toasters for the price of a Skoda.

But does it achieve perfect browning, and does it fit thicker slices? Find all the pros and cons of this toaster in our full Russell Hobbs 2 Slice 24081 toaster review.

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Beko CEP5152B coffee machine
£68 from AO

Beko CEP5152B coffee machine
  • We like: quietness
  • We didn't like: manual descaling is a chore

We've tested coffee machines costing £35 to a whopping £2,000 - and our testing shows many people are paying over the odds in the search of the perfect brew.

Besides the cost of the machine, you can also make an exceptional saving over coffee pods by choosing a ground coffee machine like this affordable Beko model. It's better for the environment, too.

This Beko has just one dial control with three settings: brewing coffee, standby or milk frothing. It also comes with a steam wand to make milky drinks like cappuccinos or lattes, and has a cup warmer so drinks stay toasty for longer.

But can you expect great coffee for £69, and does this model have any weak points to bear in mind? We reveal all in our definitive Beko CEP5152B coffee machine review.

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