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Planning a kitchen

Kitchen appliances

By Liz Ransome-Croker

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Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Kitchen appliances

We explain how to find the best appliances for your new kitchen, with tips on what makes a great appliance, and what to avoid.

Costs can quickly mount up if you're planning on replacing many kitchen appliances during your kitchen refurbishment.

The good news is that our independent lab tests of kitchen appliances have shown that paying more for ovens, fridge-freezers and other white goods doesn't necessarily guarantee better quality. 

We've tested and rated hundreds of kitchen and laundry appliances - from toasters to tumble dryers - to shine a light on the Best Buys that pair reliability with high performance and convenience.

To get started with your search for the right appliances, flick through our photo gallery below to see a range of options and typical prices for a wide range of appliances, from microwaves to freezers. Click on the links to go through to our reviews and full buying guides.

Use our independent kitchen appliance reviews and find the right Best Buy-recommended products at the best online prices.

Kitchen appliance measurements

Before you decide on the type of appliance you want, make sure you know what size will fit in your new kitchen or current space. This table shows you the range of sizes for different appliances.

Appliance dimensions (HxWxD)
Cooker Fridge/Freezer Dishwasher (full/slimline) Washing machine/tumble dryer Built-in oven
90cm 140–180cm 85-88/80cm 85cm 45-90cm
50cm 50–60cm 60/45cm 56-60cm 60cm
60cm 56–65cm 54-60cm 52-62cm 55m

Visit our kitchen planning page for more advice on measuring out your kitchen and thinking about the layout. 

Kitchen appliance reviews

At the Which? test lab we rate more products more thoroughly than any other organisation in the UK. We test products the way you use them at home, so for example a Best Buy dishwasher has to get plates that have been smeared with baked-on egg, spinach and oats sparkling clean. 

Fridge freezers only get our expert seal of approval if they can maintain an even temperature across all their shelves, and built-in ovens need to prove they can heat up to the right temperature quickly and accurately. 

The worst products we test are awarded our Don't Buy logo, to help you avoid the products that fail to live up to their claims.

We've found huge difference between the best and worst models - some hobs are very poor at distributing heat around the bottom of a saucepan, and some cookers overheat by 20°C or more.

To build up a full picture of whether an appliance is worth the money, we conduct a wide range of tests so that we can find out if:

There is really enough usable space inside the appliance

The amount of space the manufacturer claims an appliance has inside isn't always accurate, particularly for products such as cookers and fridge freezers. We use props, such as fake turkeys and roast potatoes, to measure oven space so we can reveal how much food you'll really be able to fit in. 

It can heat or cool food evenly

For any cooking appliance, its main task is to heat food evenly. But not all do. When we cook food in a microwave, for example, we check to see whether it will really cook the food throughout, without drying it.

It won't cost you a lot to run

As well as how well an appliance can do the job it's intended for, we also check how much it will cost you to run. An inefficient fridge freezer could cost you £620 more than an efficient one over 10 years of use. 

Our reviews help you choose the very best appliances at the best prices. They also include buying guides to help you choose what type of appliance you need, and our comparison tools help you select models that suit your home and lifestyle.

Reliable appliance brands

Alongside our reviews we display customer feedback scores and reliability ratings for all the major kitchen appliance brands.

For each type of appliance, thousands of Which? members have told us how happy they are with the brand they've chosen, and the resulting customer scores vary considerably. For example, the top-rated built-in oven brand has a 81% customer score, while the bottom got only 45%; the highest-rated dishwasher brand scores 89%, but the bottom just 55%.

We also ask customers about the reliability of their appliance and the faults that have occurred, so we can give brands a reliability star rating and an overall score. This can impact on whether an appliance can earn our Best Buy recommendation. Only those brands that marry a high reliability rating or long warranty with high test scores can get our Best Buy logo.

Don't miss our full Which? kitchen appliance reviews.