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Revealed: the top 10 food items you throw away

Food thrown away worth £7.7bn a year, study finds

Beko four-door fridge freezer

The average adult throws away food worth nearly £160 a year because items go out-of-date before they get round to eating them – adding up to a total UK waste food bill of £7.7bn a year, a new study has found.

Products including yoghurt, tomatoes, lettuce and sandwich meat are among the foods most commonly thrown out because they’re past their use-by date.

Researchers in the study – conducted by fridge freezer manufacturer Beko – found each month the average Brit throws away half a pack of uncooked meat such as chicken breast or mince, two slices of cooked meat, a third of a pint of milk, two yoghurts, three slices of bread and half a lettuce. 

Seven pieces of fruit, four vegetables and one salad item also go in the bin.

Top 10 waste food items

1. Yoghurts
2. Sandwich meat
3. Lettuce
4. Milk
5. Cucumber
6. Bread
7. Tomatoes
8. Cream
9. Uncooked meat
10. Jars of sauces

The Beko survey of 3,000 homes also uncovered that 85% of people have to regularly rummage through fridges and cupboards to get rid of rotting food – with 11% admitting they’ve found food a year past its use-by date, and 7% finding food items more than three years out-of-date.

New Beko fridge freezer

Beko’s new four-door American-style GNE114610X fridge freezer uses light technology aimed at tricking fruit and vegetables into thinking they’re still in the sun, leaving them – according to Beko – ‘fresher and juicier for longer’.

The fridge freezer also has a multi-functional ‘flexi zone’ compartment which you can set to act as fridge, freezer, chiller or wine cooler depending on what food or drink you want to store in there. And this model has ‘anti-fingerprint’ stainless steel doors.

The Beko GNE114610X will be sold in independent Euronics stores, and is expected to cost around £1,200.

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