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3 Jan 2022

Best Currys sales deals revealed by Which?

Which? experts have scoured Currys' new sales deals to pick out the very best, based on product quality and whether the offers represent true savings

Currys is offering plenty of deals, but how do you know which ones to trust? We've waded through the discounts to pick out the good products with genuine discounts that are worthy of your time, based on analysis from our team of experts.

All of the products we've listed here have been put through their paces in our test lab - but even though you won't find any deals on poorly performing products in our roundup, it's worth checking our expert reviews before you buy to see which Currys offers are perfect for you.

We'll be updating this page regularly with new deals as they're launched, so keep checking back.

You can jump to the deals you are interested in using the links below:

    Some of these products will have been available at cheaper prices in the Black Friday sales. However, our experts still believe their current prices represent good value.

    Best Currys TV deals

    LG 50UP78006LB - was £499, now £448

    LG 50UP78006LB
    • 50-inch 4K TV
    • Supports HDR10 and HLG HDR formats
    • Magic Remote, with built-in voice control

    We like: speakers are good for dialogue

    We don't like: lower resolution scenes sometimes looked drab

    This is a good price for a 50-inch TV and, despite being one of LG's more basic models, you get an excellent remote with a microphone to control the TV with your voice.

    It has a 60Hz screen, whereas more advanced TVs manage 120Hz, so bear this in mind if you're a gamer - it doesn't mean it will be bad at displaying games, but more high-end TVs will be better.

    Find out whether this is the right TV for you in our LG 50UP78006LB review, or buy it now for £448 from Currys

    LG 55NANO806PA - was £799, now £699

    LG 55NANO806PA TV
    • 55-inch
    • 4K LCD screen with nanocell colour-boosting layer
    • HDR10 and HLG

    We like: nicely-balanced sound
    We don't like: operating system can be confusing

    The LG55NANO806PA 55-inch model is a mid-range TV from LG's latest 2021 range. Its LCD screen has an extra layer of nanocells, which are designed to boost color.

    At £699, this is a good saving. It's also available from AO.com and John Lewis where you will also get a five-year guarantee.

    Check out our LG 55NANO0806PA review, or buy it now from Currys for £699 or for £629 from AO or Boots Kitchen Appliances

    Philips 48OLED806 - was £1,299, now £998

    Philips 48OLED806 TV
    • 48-inch
    • 4K TV
    • OLED technology Basic (HDR10 and HLG) and advanced (Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ) HDR formats

    We like: Nice contrast and colour at lower resolutions
    We don't like: Cluttered remote, treble sound could be better

    Standard Definition (SD) footage is lovely, mainly because of its clarity. The TV does a great job of sharpening this lower resolution content to help it look closer to HD.

    Music and dialogue are clear, but watch out for when the treble is emphasised as it can sound too shrill. This was selling for £1,299, so it's worth considering at this price.

    Read our full Philips 48OLED806 review to find out what its 4K picture is like and if it's right for you, or buy it now for £998 from Currys, or for £998 from AO or Boots Kitchen Appliances.

    Samsung QE55QN85AATXXU - now £1,099

    • 55-inch
    • 4K TV QLED screen
    • Supports SD and HDR formats: HDR10 and HLG, HDR10+

    We liked: Great colours and contrast in 4K

    We didn't like: Some pale colours at lower resolutions

    This TV provides a good 4K picture and we liked the clarity and balance of sound. The app store is quick, which is good because finding them isn't always easy. The layout could use some work and could learn a thing or two from the settings menu. This is a stunning TV with a great operating system, but it's still quite a bit of money even with the savings.

    If you're still undecided, take a peek at our Samsung QE55QN85AATXXU review.

    Or buy it for £1,099 from Currys or Hughes.

    Samsung The Frame QE65LS03AAUXXU - £1,299

    • 65 inch
    • 4K QLED
    • HDR formats: HDR10 and HLG, HDR10+

    We like: Disguises as a picture frame on your wall, good picture detail

    We didn't like: HDR effects weren't good

    You can mount this television on your wall and use its 'art mode' to make it appear like a picture frame. The bezel around the TV can also be swapped. The picture is crystal-clear but its colours can be a little off.

    Read our expert review to see how it compares with rival televisions.

    Buy it at Currys for £1,299, down from £1,499. It's also available for the same price at most other retailers including AO, Argos, or buy it directly from Samsung.

    However, its lowest price of £1,199 is at Amazon - beware that the stock level is low.

    Samsung QE65QN85AATXXU - £1,499

    amsung QE65QN85AATXXU
    • 65-inch 4K TV
    • QLED screen
    • Supports SD and HDR formats: HDR10 and HLG, HDR10+

    We liked:Great detail, brilliantly designed menus

    We didn't like:Some shrill treble, colours can be unnatural

    The QN85A has a massive screen that squeezes every drop of detail from lower resolution footage and makes the most of the millions of pixels at its disposal in 4K content.

    Colours are vivid and lifelike, with a vibrant feel that makes watching your TV feel more exciting. Though the dark scenes don't plumb the depths quite as much as OLED sets do.

    We liked how broad the sound felt. It seems to come out around the sides of the TV to spread around the room. It has a feature called Object Tracking Sound, which makes it seem like points of sound are coming from different parts of the screen, but this wasn't too evident in our tests.

    This is a beautiful TV loaded with cutting edge features, but it's still quite a bit of money even with the saving from BT Shop. If you're still undecided, take a peek at ourSamsung QE65QN85AATXXU review.

    Just discounted again, it's now available for £1,499 with a five-year guarantee included from Currys

    Panasonic TX-55JZ1500B - £1,599

    • 55-inch
    • 4K TV OLED technology
    • Basic and advanced HDR formats: HDR10, HDR10+ HLG, Dolby Vision

    We like: Exciting HDR effect, nicely balanced sound

    We didn't like: Menus and remote a bit cluttered

    The Panasonic TX-55JZ1500B really makes good on its promise of exciting HDR. Lower resolutions look good but it's the 4K HDR footage where this TV really shines. Sound is nicely balanced and the dialogue and melodies carry nicely.

    There's an HDMI eARC input to easily add a sound bar or home cinema system. At £1,599 this is a good deal but if you're still undecided take a peek at our full Panasonic TX-55JZ1500B review to find out if it's right for you.

    Or you can buy it now from Currys, John Lewis (with a five-year guarantee) or Hughes at the reduced price of £1,599.

    Sony XR-65A84J - was £2,199, now £1,789

    • HDR formats: HDR10 and HLG
    • 65 inch
    • OLED 4K resolution

    We like: Fantastic five star sound

    We didn't like: Colour and contrast are an issue at lower resolutions

    The A84J is a good TV but it lags behind the best OLEDs, as the display is just a bit too dark. We often found detail getting lost in the gloomy parts of the display and colours tended to be too warm.

    Picture issues aside, it has a robust soundscape that's versatile enough to tackle different music and film genres without issue. The electronic programme guide is detailed and the overview of channels and shows is great.

    This is quite an expensive TV, so you might want to take a look at our full Sony XR-65A84J review before you buy.

    Normally priced at £2,199, it's on offer exclusively at Currys for £1,789 in their Winter Deals. Price includes a five-year guarantee.

    Best Currys laptop deals

    Samsung Galaxy Book Go LTE - was £399, now £349

    Samsung Galaxy Book Go LTE
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c processor
    • 8GB of Ram
    • 128GB storage

    We like: Portable, SIM card slot for mobile internet

    We don't like: Underwhelming sound and webcam

    The Samsung Galaxy Book Go LTE is marketed at those who want to use a laptop on the go - and with its compact dimensions, this model seems to fit the bill.

    It has a Sim card slot, so if you buy one with a data plan you can hook it up to the internet when you're away from a wi-fi router. It has a 14-inch display with Full HD resolution and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 quad-core processor, coupled to a generous 8GB of Ram. It's fine when handling basic office tasks and web browsing, but it's not as snappy as rival models.

    Read our Samsung Galaxy Book Go Review to find out more, or buy it now for £349 from Currys

    Samsung Galaxy Book 15-inch - £599

    Samsung Galaxy Book 15-inch
    • Intel cote i5 processor
    • 8GB Ram
    • 256GB storage

    We like: Quick performance, good battery life

    We didn't like: Keyboard is cramped and could offer better touch

    Because of its large screen size, this is a great laptop if you need a machine you can take on-the-go but which you primarily use at home.

    this model supports the latest Wi-Fi standard - known as WiFi 6 -which can offer brilliant speeds if you have a router that supports it. Most supporting hardware only started to be released during 2020.

    Read ourexpert review of the Samsung Galaxy Book 15-inch to see how it fared in our test lab.

    It's on offer for £599, about £100 off its previous price, atCurrys and with a three-year guarantee included at John Lewis

    Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N - £699

    • Intel Core i5 1135G7 processor
    • 8GB Ram
    • 512GB storage

    We like: Great, flappable screen that turns it into a tablet

    We didn't like: Weak sound

    This 2-in-1 laptop can have its screen flipped to the back of the machine to turn it into a tablet - perfect for easy transportation or for watching media. Its speakers aren't the best and its ports are quite cramped, but this laptop offers high speed.

    Read our expert review of the Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N to get the full low-down on this laptop.

    Buy it at Currys for £699, a £100 saving compared to its price from September up to just before Christmas.

    Best Currys washing machine deals

    Bosch WAJ28008GB - £369.99

    Bosch WAJ28008GB
    • We like: Shorter wash programs than average
    • We don't like: Could be more energy efficient

    This freestanding washing machine has a 7kg cotton and 4kg mixed load capacity, enough for a medium-sized household of three to four people.

    Currys has sold it for as much as £400, but it's currently reduced to £369.99.

    Read our full Bosch WAJ28008GB washing machine review or buy it now for £369.99 with a two-year guarantee included from Currys

    Samsung WW90TAO46AX/EU - £399

    • We like: Good spin cycle, easy to use
    • We don't like: Higher than average water consumption

    This washing machine comes in silver and white. It doesn't have the wi-fi or autodose features you'll see on some of Samsung's more expensive models but it does have what Samsung calls eco-bubble technology, which pre-mixes detergent, air and water for you to remove stains at lower temperatures.

    You can currently buy it from Currys for £399 (£100 off).

    Read our full Samsung WW90TAO46AX/EU review to find out if it's the ideal washing machine for you.

    Or buy it now for £399, including a five-year guarantee, at Currys.

    Haier HW80-B14979 - £399.99

    • We like: Effective spin cycle
    • We don't like: Slow, higher than average energy and water consumption

    It may take its time cleaning clothes, it's easy to use and has a large capacity drum, too. It's available now at Currys, reduced by £180 (albeit the white version as opposed to the graphite coloured 's' model tested).

    Read our full Haier HW80-B14979S review to find out if it's the right model for you.

    Buy it now for £399.99 at Currys which includes a two-year guarantee.

    LG F4V709WTSA - now £519.99

    • We like: Excellent easy-care program
    • We didn't like: Some of the programs are slow

    This 9kg-capacity washing machine has plenty of features that are designed to make doing the laundry less of a chore. Its automatic dispenser system means there's no hunting around for the detergent or conditioner, as the built-in reservoirs hold enough for around 35 washes

    You can but it on offer for £519 from Currys (showing a reduction of £230) but read the full LG F4V709WTSA review first.

    Buy it now for £519.99 from Currys with a two-year guarantee.

    LG F4V712STSE - now £629

    • We like: Easy to use
    • We didn't like: The door opening is small for such a large drum capacity

    This is a large capacity smart washing machine from LG that can hold 12kg on the main cotton program and 5kg on the easy-care option, so it's designed for homes that generate plenty of laundry.

    With functions such as a steam setting, add item button and sensors paired with the opportunity to use your smartphone to operate the machine, it is one for convenience.

    Want to see how it fared in our tests? Head to our LG F4V712STSE review to read the full results. Alternatively, buy it from AO for £629, down from £779 with a five-year warranty.

    Haier HW120-B14979 - now £649

    • We like: Very roomy drum, water and energy efficient
    • We didn't like: The door can get in the way when loading

    The Haier HW120-B14979 washing machine has a huge drum with room for 12kg of cottons, so it's ideal for large households with plenty of laundry to get through. It has functions including a stain removal setting and a steam setting.

    Read our Haier HW120-B14979 review to see how it performed in our tests. Or head to Boots or Currys to buy this washing machine now for £649.99 - reduced from £849 and with a five-year guarantee at Currys.

    Best Currys Nintendo Switch deals

    • Nintendo Switch OLED Neon + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild + SanDisk 256 GB Memory Card - now £369 (£25.98 saving). Buy it now from Currys
    • Nintendo Switch OLED Neon + Pokemon Brilliant Diamond + SanDisk 256 GB Memory Card - now £369 (£20.98 saving). Buy it now from Currys
    • Nintendo Switch Neon + Animal Crossing: New Horizons + SanDisk 256 GB Memory Card - now £319 (£17.98). Buy it now from Currys

    Currys sales shopping tips

    While it can be tempting to hit that 'buy' button before these deals vanish, it's important to make sure the price you're getting is as cheap as it's going to get.

    To help you improve your chances at grabbing a genuinely good deal this winter, consider our expert buying tips.

    1. Stay glued to Which?

    As Currys publishes new deals to its website over the winter sales season, we'll be digging out the best offers and letting you know if we spot any duds.

    It's not just Currys we're keeping an expert eye on, either. Our team of product experts are working hard to bring you the very best deals from John Lewis & Partners too.

    2. Know how to spot a good deal

    With retailers all competing to get your attention this month, many will make claims that they've got the best deals on offer. But remember that even if there appears to be a big price drop on a product, it might not be at its lowest-ever price.

    There are a couple of price-tracking websites that help you see if a product has ever been on sale for less than its current price. PriceSpy.co.uk and PriceRunner.com both cover a range of online retailers, including Currys.

    How to return Currys items

    If you buy a product from Currys during the sales and it is faulty or damaged, the retailer is fully responsible.

    According to the Consumer Rights Act, your purchase needs to be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. If the product doesn't meet one of these requirements, the retailer (not the manufacturer) is at fault.

    But even if your purchase isn't damaged or faulty, you can still return it under the Currys returns policy for unwanted items. For online purchases, you have 14 days to return them (even if you've opened the product for inspection). For in-store purchases, you can return them within 21 days in their unopened and sealed packaging. Head here for the Currys returns and refunds page.

    How to recycle your old tech

    Whether you want to get rid of an old phone or a broken kettle, it's important to make sure you dispose of your electronics correctly and in a way that isn't detrimental to the environment.

    Depending on the type of product and the condition it's in, you should be able to donate it, sell it on, or drop it off to be recycled and repurposed into something new.

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