Grounds for endowment complaints

  • Unsuitable endowment  The endowment was not suitable for your needs and circumstances. For example, if you were single with no dependants and had no requirement for the life cover provided by the policy.
  • Non-discussion of other options Other options for repaying the mortgage never fully discussed, such as a repayment mortgage.
  • Guaranteed endowment policy  The adviser told you the endowment policy was guaranteed or would definitely pay off the mortgage and didn’t explain that the amount you would get back was dependant on the performance of the policy.
  • Shortfall never mentioned  You were never told there could be a shortfall at the end of your mortgage term.
  • Non-disclosure of risks  The adviser didn't explain how your endowment would be invested or the risks involved, and didn’t check that you were comfortable with these risks.
  • Non-disclosure of fees and charges  The adviser didn't explain the fees and charges and how they affect the returns on your policy.
  • Churning  The adviser told you to cash in an existing endowment and then sold you another one to replace it. this is known as churning, which is poor advice and against the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules.
  • Payments in retirement  Payments into retirement were not discussed. If your mortgage and endowment were set to continue past your expected retirement age, your adviser should have checked this would be affordable.

If any of the above applies to you, read our guide to find out how to complain about a mis-sold endowment

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