1 Small claims court

Sometimes companies can fob you off and try to avoid paying out what you're entitled to. Understanding how and when to use the small claims court can help you if you're in a dispute with a company.

You can claim up to £10,000 in the small claims court in England and Wales. Find out how to use it and ensure you get the redress you deserve.  

2 Delivery problems

We know how frustrating it can be if something you deliver doesn't turn up. Or if it's stolen or broken. 

But did you know that if you didn't agree for your parcel to be left with a neighbour and they deny having it, it's the retailer's responsibility to sort it out?

Find out more about your delivery rights if your parcel is left with a neighbour

3 Scams

If you've been the victim of a phishing scam, usually the most you'll stand to lose is £50 as the bank has to refund the rest. 

Find out more about what you should do if you have inadvertently given a fraudster your bank details

4 Mobile phone bills

Did you know that if you capped your mobile phone usage and your bill was above this cap, you can refuse to pay the extra?

Don't let companies tell you otherwise. See how you can challenge an excessive mobile phone bill

5 Faulty goods

If your goods are faulty and you don't have the receipt, you still have the right to a repair, refund or replacement under the Consumer Rights Act. 

Read our guide on what to do if you have a faulty product

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