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Tesco rapped for ‘misleading’ Asda price ad

Asda and Tesco price war continues with ASA ruling

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Tesco has faced another dressing down from the advertising watchdog after a TV advert slamming Asda’s price guarantee was ruled misleading.

The advert accused Asda of not comparing fresh food in its 10% cheaper price guarantee, but Asda could prove that it did. Tesco blamed an ‘internal communication error’ and promised not to run the ad again.

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Tesco advert banned

The Tesco advert showed 20 fresh items and compared prices with Asda, claiming a saving of £4.91. But the ad’s text contained the statement: ‘One place you won’t find your fresh food for the weekend? In the Asda price guarantee’.

Asda challenged the advert by providing information that showed that 13 of the 20 products featured in the advert were in fact compared in the price guarantee – along with other fresh produce. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) ruled that the ad must not appear in its current form. 

The ASA ruling makes it the third time in the past year that a Tesco price ad has been banned for being misleading. But Asda also recently fell under the ASA’s hammer for one of its original ads promoting the price guarantee.

Which? shopping expert Sarah Dennis says: ‘This latest ruling proves the supermarket price war is as fierce as ever, but it still pays to keep your own eye on supermarket prices as food inflation begins to bite.’

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