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Artificial grass – the best way to a green lawn in the drought?

Our artificial grass testing has uncovered some of the toughest turf around

Artificial grass – the best way to a green lawn in the drought?

As temperatures soar in the UK, your lawn might be looking as dry and yellow as straw. If you don’t want to pour on water to keep it green and want to make things easier moving forward, artificial grass could be the way to go.

Unlike regular grass, artificial grass doesn’t require much maintenance. There are plenty of shades to choose from, and if you have any pets or children artificial grass does a good job of handling being trampled on.

Keep scrolling to see which brands came out on top for appearance in our latest round of testing. We’ve also got more details on what to look out for when it comes to picking a brand.

Artificial grass advice – see how different brands of grass compare

How much does artificial grass cost?

It won’t come as a surprise to hear that the cost for a roll of artificial grass depends on the brand.

As of August 2018, the priciest grass we’ve tested is Verde Sports: Verdelawn, which costs around £46 per square metre. This artificial grass takes a bit more work to install than many other rivals as the instructions advise you to dig out 100mm of soil and fill it with aggregate.

But buyers on a tighter budget still have some options to sift through, such as New Luxury from Nomow (£15) or B&Qs own Marlow turf (£16).

Take a look at our graphic below to see how the different grasses compare.

If you’re thinking about buying some artificial grass, don’t reach for your wallet without checking our expert reviews first. We’ve tested a selection of mid-priced types of artificial grass to see which looked the most natural, even when it’s been subjected to some tough wear-and-tear.

Picking the right artificial grass doesn’t have to be a hassle – our guide on how to buy the best artificial grass can help.

The best artificial grass for 2018

To help you pick the perfect artificial grass for you, we’ve tested some popular picks in-depth, paying close attention to how it looks and how easy it is to install. Our tests cover the latest options from brands including Evergreens UK, As Good as Grass and B&Q.

We pour boiling water over each roll of artificial grass we test and drop a hot, disposable barbecue onto it to see if it melts. The grass we test is left outside for six months, and we drive a wear machine over it to see how well the join holds together and how well the grass stands up to heavy use.

See which artificial grass earned top marks in our latest round of testing by checking our guide on the best artificial grasses.

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