When and why should I dispute a bill?

If you get a bill you think is incorrect because you've been charged the wrong amount, you can dispute it with your provider.

You can do this with any bill you get, whether it's:

  • energy
  • gas
  • water
  • internet
  • phone
  • television package
  • a subscription service, such as Apple music, Spotify or Netflix

In order to make a complaint you will need to be able to say why you think you've been charged the wrong amount and include evidence to support your claim.

For example you may have been charged for calls you didn't make, and are able to highlight those on your itemised bill.

How do I complain or dispute a bill?

You can use our template letter to dispute the bill with the company. You'll need to include your customer number, how much you're disputing, why you're disputing it and explain it's their legal obligation to fix the problem.

You can send the complaint either by email or post, but we recommend you keep a copy of everything for your own records in case you don't get the outcome you want and need to escalate it.

I've made a complaint but I didn't get the outcome I wanted

If you've made a formal complaint to your phone, broadband, gas, electric or water company and you're still not happy, you can escalate your complaint to an ombudsman service.

But it depends which sector you're making the complaint about and whether your provider is signed up to their services.

My provider isn't with an ombudsman service

If your provider isn't registered with an ombudsman or you're still not happy even after you've been through that process, your next step might be to begin legal action.

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